Melendor or Caedmon?


I have enough ascension materials for just one of them and not sure which to use. Have a 3/19 Vivica as my healer now and Sabina I haven’t leveled any


Since u have 2 healers I would go Caedmon.

Personally I like him, and I think Melendor sux but that’s just me…

some people love Melendor!


Both dispel buffs, but one hits and the other heals. I have both maxed and I feel Caedmon is more versatile. This is most likely because I have several other healers, and need a hitter who will dispel.


With 2 other healers, Caedmon. Melendor is awesome, but you need some snipers too.

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Melendor does have good tile damage and is useful in a green stack but for the time being I’d agree with the above, Caed


Long answer is: both. Choose your poison for first up but with the growing meta of blue tanks and proliferation of Boril’s, having green debuffers that you can level fast and use in war are gold:

So both.


Caedmon first, then Melendor. Both are equally good in their speciality.


Caed first and then Mel. The thing about Viv, is 8 would level a 4* hero first. In the time and materials it takes to level a 5* you can level 2 4*.
I love Mel and he sees very regular use for me. But, my Caed is still at 1/1.
I usually use both my maxed Mel and Sabina both get used every war because of their dispell without taking riposte damage. Someday I’ll level multiples.


Thanks for all the help

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