There, I said it - Melendor is rubbish 👎

Of the triumvirate of 4* 42% bread-and-butter healers I have Rigard and Melendor.

Rigard is an essential - hardy and versatile and cleanse is supremely useful. I really struggle to leave him out.

Meanwhile, Melendor is as flimsy as Proteus’ loin cloth.

And it looks like Sabina is much the same.

If I need a green dispeller, caedmon is top of the pile, Melendor is just benched to stack against titans and war tanks.

I need my healers to stay the course and support the team, not constantly be requiring emergency first aid.

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I feel likes Melendor gets a pass and manages to avoid scrutiny based on his high heal % and reminding us of our favourite LOTR scenes.



How dare you :slight_smile:

Actually I agree. I’m in diamond and will sometimes take Rigard with me but never Melendor or Sabina. They die to easily. I do however use them in war facing not all 5* teams.


He is flimsy, but he’s useful against blue titans where he provides both healing and high tile damage. I don’t think I’ve ever taken Melendor into a raid, though.


Melendor is good on events as Avalon and until you reach 8* titans.
You generally would only have one copy of him.

Rigard is one of the best purple heroes “to keep” due to his tanky stats, element and effect:

  • Purple help against Guinevere
  • Dispel help against Zeline and Gravemaker

Rigard is one of the best economic healers for AW hits.


I agree. I always thought Malendor and Sabina had a problem, and here is the main reason :

When you have a dispeller, you want to be able to hold his special back in order to fire it at the right moment, which works wonders with Caedmon and Sonya.

But when you have a healer, you often need to use his special as soon as it’s ready in order to prevent dying.

So with Malendor and Sabina, you often completely waste their dispel effect because you needed to heal before it was the right time to dispel


Definitely. The only thing I slightly prefer about it is that you don’t have to risk hitting a riposter. But that’s a small silver lining.

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A light dawns on me: This is far less of an issue with two healers. I usually field two healers, except when farming and (usually) against titans, so I haven’t been as bothered with this issue.

With that dawning light, may I suggest: Melendor and Sabina are rarely your best choice for first healer, but they may frequently be your best choice for second healer, when/if you use such.

Well, relatively frequently. BT and Viv are something of a mainstay for me. :slight_smile:


Melendor and Sabina do die quite easily, but that’s how they balanced the high attack stats and big heal with dispel. Although if balance is the question at hand why the heck is there two DARK healers in 4* and not a SINGLE LIGHT HEALER

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I do wish Melendor was tougher, but he comes along on any raid where I need green. The minimum color stack I use raiding is 3/2, so if I’m bringing green Melendor comes along. Same with purple, if I’m bringing purple I’m bringing Sabina.

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Yer same boat with green stacking. it’s Melendor Vs skittle for the third berth.

If I’m using 3 green it’s Caedmon, melendor and little John. If it’s just 2 green, little John gets the cut


Rigard is utility wise really good and indeed for raiding much better suited. But Mel en Sab have their place (especially considering AW there’s more than enough opportunity for healers) .

Also, Mel en Sabina are fine during events as the moment to heal and dispell are usually the same, namely exactly after a boss strike. Rigards secondary ability can be replaced during events and titans by an antidote, but having an extra dispeller can be a gamechanger.

Rigard is different enough from Melendor/ Sabina to really be in his own class. Unfair comparison. Cleansing is great, but sometimes you need the debuffer. Having at least 1 of each maxed for wars is a necessity, though. And it gives you flexibility in raids and such. Melendor was my first of the healers, so I see him as an attack healer, not a defense healer.

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Though a bit on the softer side of Sears, I’d say I can find uses for him and Sabina somewhere in my line up, in certain situations. Namely, you face an enemy or Titan just fired off its special Area damage or AOE that did big damage and has DOT, plus just buffed itself. Worse, if it is the type that is either Elemental Barrier or Riposte, you have Caedmon or Sonya who, normally would strike against that target for big damage, will either have to eat the Riposte, or strike another target who doesn’t have the barrier/counter effect.

In the above situation and you don’t have a cleanser (like me for almost 8 months of playing), you give antidote vials. Melendor/Sabina heals you up a bulk of what the small antidote couldn’t, plus dispels the opponent without repercussion.

Is he a long term solution? Probably not, and for F2P/C2P whose luck hasn’t granted him/her access to better healers through event/seasonal/HoTM or even a Rigard, we make do with what we can, so I wouldn’t give him the R status just yet.


The dispeller (not debuffer; in common jargon that would be Gormek/LJ/Skittles and such) doesn’t need to be a healer though. Caedmon, Sonya, Domitia, just to name those I have, and believe me, even though I use two healers most of the time, those three see more play than Melendor.

Riptose is why I love Wilburs spirit link on the enemy side. I can snipe a non riptose and still damage the covered heros.

I never leave home without Rigard. I can’t count how many time he has saved me. He is my go to healer.

Luck of the draw, my friend. I did not have the luck of having Rigard early (got him when Atlantis became available, btw) and Atlantis summons has so far produced only 2 4* S2 for me (Ameonna and Agwe), so old faithful Melendor will just have to do until I get better heroes, at least he already has some help from Boldtusk.


its all about the luck of the draw.

Have you used ghost girl at all? I haven’t leveled her yet but want to. Although it could be a while. I am maxing Proteus, taking Victor to 70 (from 3-1), and then possibly another Rigard for wars.

I am still a newbie, and one who dispels buffs is a debuffer to me :grin: Rigard is superior, but he don’t do nothing for riposte, which is my biggest enemy in raids. My gawd, how I hate raids…

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You will get there. Don’t put raids off. It is great practice. Play the board and time your specials. Riptose does suck in the beginning. It still sucks just not as much.


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