The Pulverizing Barbarians: Emblems to Gormek or Grimm?

Hi All,

I am C2P (mostly VIP) with most TC20 4* and some TC20 5*. I’m trying to decide whether to give Gormek or Grimm my barbarian emblems (I do not have any 5* barbarian). Using Kamikaze Assassins awesome tool, I looked at different ways to assign emblems to either Gormek or Grimm. As I see it, there are 4 different options:

Option 1: Beefy Gormek. Focused on Gormek’s health and defense. Beefy Gormak is a giant glob of meat. His stats are even more lopsided than base Gormak. Beefy Gormek might be useful as a tank, but I do not need another tank. I hope one day someone else will create a Beefy Gormek… 1667 health is comical.

Option 2: Attack Gormek. Focused on Gormek’s attack. His base attack sucks. Even with the attack boost, it still sucks. I think Attack Gormek is a waste of emblems.

Option 3: Beefy Grimm. Focused on Grimm’s health and defense. Beefy Grimm is compelling. His stats are more well-rounded than base Grimm. He’ll live long and hit pretty hard.

Option 4: Attack Grimm. Focused on Grimm’s attack. This is interesting. Attack Grimm’s attack is now scary. His stats are similar to base Isarnia, except he has average speed. He’ll still be squishy, but he’ll do major damage before he dies.

Whichever one I end up giving the emblems to, they will be used mostly for raids and AW. I’m leaning towards either Beefy Grimm (option 3) or Attack Grimm (option 4). I think Attack Grimm would be more fun to raid with. Beefy Grimm is likely a smarter investment of emblems.

What do others think?


Attack Grimm without a doubt in my case


Well, I’m going for beefy Gormek. Tank him with field aid. I’ll have someone crying i know.


So… the options presented are thus: should I increase their offense or defense? …then, of course, which one… Gormek or Grimm… which is really, the same question all over again since Gormek is defense and Grimm is offense. It should be noted that Grimm is currently the preferred of the two, thus offense is currently favored.

Why then, is offense favored?

  1. In raids, you often have heroes die… you just need theirs to die before yours do.
  2. In war, same as above.
  3. In titans… as long as someone lives through the end of the fight, you’re good.
  4. In quests… longevity is critical.

Basically, this means that quests are an exception to the primary objectives of E&P. There are measures that you can take to increase team longevity - bring a healer, bring someone with +def - but it is easier to make up for this one fault within just one game mode, than to make up for a fault in all of the other modes.

As such, I am of the belief that the answer is always going to be: m04r offense!!!

The only exception is on the tank. Potentially on the healer, too… but generally speaking, push that offense to the brink. 720 attack is the average attack value for max-level, non-classed hero. You can get Grimm over 100 attack beyond that? Insane value, truly insane value. Especially if you’re only sacrificing 18 defense and 70 health to get it.


I love the idea of tank gormek. My pocket tank pick for Monk emblems is going to be Jabbar. 690 defense and 1323 health unbuffed with a 3 person healing debuff. For Ranger it’s going to be Buddy who has similar stats.

Sitting in the same situation, decided on Grimm, tending towards attack Grimm.

Beefy Grimm would be useful for war and raids - more survivability maybe can debuff defense more and enable the rest of the team to kill.

However, attack Grimm ends up with an impressive attack stat. That would be useful on titans also - mana him up once for defense debuff, and enjoy the high tile damage even after he is dead.


Attack Grimm, without question. You’re not using Grimm for defense. His job is to hit as hard as possible, whenever possible. Let him do his job. If he dies here or there because of his low defense, so be it. Those massive hits will more than make up for it.

Gormek, even beefy Gormek, is an easy kill for a 5 star sniper. He has limited use once you start fighter higher up. You will, however, still use Grimm a lot.


It looks like the beefy Grimm and glass cannon Grimm pictures the same. Any chance of getting the other picture up so I can take a look and compare?

Thanks for the thoughts everyone. Assuming that my attempts to get Kage at the Atlantis summons don’t work out tomorrow, I’m going with Attack Grimm.

@Garanwyn, I think you miss looked, I’m pretty sure all of the pictures are present in my first post.

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You’re dead right. Sorry. Not enough coffee.

I will never see a 1600+ health champion as an easy target. When I use my green comp with Lianna and Evelyn, my buffed Lianna does 1100 damage to a normal 5*

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He’s got no defense. Stack two blues and he’s dead in 6 tiles. Now, to be fair, Grimm is very much the same way, but he’s got that punch. It just makes him so much more valuable at higher levels of competition.

Definitely Attack Grimm.

Also because if you manage to draw Wilbur, he will most probably completely replace Gormek in Titan fights while Grimm is still quite valuable even if you have Isarnia due to his high (and as 4/70+20 extremely high) attack stat.


I suppose it depends what you want to do, but here’s my take on emblems:

I’ve got 32 heroes that are maxed (eligible for emblems).

I’ve got enough promote ONE 5* class ONE skill level … and six 4* classes.

To get a maxed class hero takes 505 emblems (4*) or 1500 (5*). I’m expecting this to take a few months for 4s, and possibly a year for 5s.

In another three months, I could have 10 more maxed 4*s. In other words I’ll be able to enhance 8 out of ~40.

In nine months, I’ll go from nine maxed 5*s to 15~20, I expect.

Whether I pick 4s or 5s, the point being that I’ll have the emblems to fully enhance well under half my maxed roster. Probably under a quarter of it.

I’m NOT going to give emblems to a mediocre hero (Gormek) trying to make him a decent hero. I’m going to pick my best, most used heroes, and try to make them even better.

Looking at my current roster, I’ve got favorite heroes I use a lot … heroes that are just color stacking filler for war … and and stuff I’m hoarding without a particularly good reason :rofl: (Although my lack of clerics has me leveling up a Boril I’d hoarded finally)

Looking at the classes they fall into, there are a couple “wasteland” classes that have NONE of my favorite heroes. (Druid and Sorcerer, 'tho I might come to love Mitsuko)

I’m also finding that many of my 4* heroes that I USED to like are probably still good heroes; their only real problem is that I’m using them against 5* teams, and they are just too squishy, and don’t live long enough to do anything. Enhancing them to 5* stats would give them new utility–not compared to an enhanced 5*, but compared to regular 5* heroes…a few of them come to mind. I don’t have many 5* purple or blue, so the ones in those colors get a lot of use still:

  • Sabina
  • Rigard
  • Merlin
  • Proteus
  • Caedmon
  • Hansel
  • Melendor
  • Grimm
  • Kiril
  • Wilbur
  • Wu Kong (OK, I was lucky enough to get Tarlak so he’s retired but for people who don’t have Tarlak, he’s on the list for sure)
  • Boldtusk
  • Jackal
  • Gretel
  • Scarlett could be seriously fun enhanced too, now that I think of it. She’s awesome but soooo squishy.

Edit: Added a few to my original list.


Attack Grimm is what I am doing. Enhance strengths, dont try to compensate for weaknesses - you end up with mediocrity.
Plus he will get some def and hp on his way down/up the talent tree.
Even if he dies on Titans, his tile damage will be fabulous.


Damage Grimm for sure

Diff not really high only 18 Def and 72HP , compared with high diff on Atk

I’d add these to your list of emblem-worthy heroes:

  • Proteus
  • Wilbur
  • Hansel

Absolutely. Those didn’t make my original list which I’m going back and editing for two reasons.

  1. I don’t have Proteus or Hansel so I forget them.
  2. I think those three heroes are still worth using as 4*s even though they are squishy, unlike, say, Caedmon, who is a good hero, just too squishy for the context I’m playing in now.
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Proteus is much squishier than Caedmon, Hansel more squishy. Wilbur is about on par with Caedmon. Caedmon is one of the most balanced heroes in the game; I’m surprised you find him squishy.

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I find Caedmon squishy in a field of 5* heroes.

I haven’t been using him raiding, but I’d expect the 5* snipers to one-shot him way more than I like if I did.

For what he is (a 4* hero), he’s not particularly squishy.

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