Should i put emblems on Gormek?

Hello guys. Im working on my grimm which is here

Im going the route of def and hp to give him some survavility .

I have a parcially emblemed LJ too

On the other hand i have never considered putting emblems on Gormek until today
I plan to reach the milestone of barbarian emblems in POV which is going to give me 80 emblems .
Its a good number to start with gormie .

Why dont i put all the emblems on Grimm? Because i like to spread emblems on all my 4* . You never know when they come in handy .

So , my doubt is if its going to be impactful to start gormie or better to advance more on grimm

Personally I haven’t put any emblems on my Gormek but have left +15 on my Grimm :slight_smile:

I went full attack route cause that’s what he does best…

Up to you ultimately as to if you spread emblems out or max them on a few.

From the sounds of things your play style & nature is more aimed at distributing them so may as well start embleming Gormek too.

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Id follow the attack path in gormek .
Up to +5.
That would set him on the six hundred league of attack . There are 30 more attack points .

But its tempting to continue with Grimm too lol too many choices in this game

Gormek needs his emblems. Beef him up. Took mime to 20 before I started on Grim

@Soup17235. I can only concur. Gormek is absolutely solid IMO, I genuinely regretted levelling BT before him. Emblems? Go the attack defense/defense health route. One E&P decision i have never been sorry about.

If you get Wilbur, gormek becomes obsolete. Out of the three pulverisees, he is the least useful in terms of stats. I never maxed him and never will.

I have grimm at 20 emblems and i really like him!
If you want to spread your emblems, little John is a good choice.

You can always reset if it goes really bad so nothing is wrong. It is a matter of preference.

Good luck :slight_smile:


+20 hero gives much more impact than several +6-9 heroes.

You’ll get a stronger team for raids, tournaments, defences, PVE, titans (and more rewards) … at the cost of some weakening of secondary teams in wars and in some color-limited events.

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Depending on how you summons… gormek is usually replaced by wilbur… so I wouldn’t emblem him. Grimm on the other hand… only has isarnia (slow) and Athena (hard to get) as viable replacements. (It’s early. I may be forgetting one) and his emblemed attack stats are super impressive

Also… with all the GM flanks out there, I’d want more blues to pick from for my war teams.


I’ve focused on one hero in a few classes and shared them in others, but when I split them it’s only between 2 heroes. Imo gormek’s base attack stat is so low that a couple nodes worth of emblems won’t really be noticeable. I think you’d be more satisfied putting them on grimm.


Ibthink we have the same attitude.
Few days ago i had this situation:
Grimm +7
Namahage +18
Gormek +8

Though i have Wilbur i decided to emblem Gormek to +20 because in raids wilbur is unplayable for my playstyle and Gormek is very useful in a 3-5 red stack.

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I never emblemed Grimm, but long ago I had Gormek around + 10 or more, can’t exactly recall. The idea was I needed a defense dropper in my red stack so I went with Gormek Def + HP making him hard to kill before he served his purpose (to dropp enemy defense that was). Along came Wilbur and later Azlar so I stripped Gormek in favor of Azlar and replaced him with Wilbur. Today Gormek never ever sees any action (last time I used him in a war against a green tank alliance, the only one I faced in almost two years) while Wilbur is at +18 and Azlar at +16. After I get Azlar to + 20 I’ll probably work on Grimm if I don’t get a better barbarian option. Greatest thing about emblems is they can be reset at any time, so don’t be afraid to experiment. The only way you can go wrong with the emblems is if you keep them in your inventory.


I have Wilber,still use Gormek.


I personally would emblem Gormek all the way up to +15. Mainly for the sake of tourneys. And also for epic difficulty where if you have wilbur, you can keep the defense down going. I have my Grimm on my main at +16 or +17. I intend on going to +18 for the time being and then concentrate on another barbarian. As I have LJ in the queue as my next green to max after Kingston and Hansel. I have 2 out of the three pulverizer bros maxed. Gormek is waiting in the wings. He is gonna be waiting a while in the red queue as I have Scarlett and BT as my next two reds.

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