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Hi guys I have read that Boomer is not a favourite in here, I have mine nearly full leveled and have over 300 emblems of barbarian to be used, do you guys think if I use does emblems on the attack of Boomer won’t he be a good hero? Don’t have another Barbarian to use emblems. Please let me know what you all think. Thanks Tony

Save them for grimm 10000%


Don’t have Grimm unfortunately

Hi Tony.

While I’ve tried to not disparage heroes as harshly as I used to, I still have to admit that Boomer remains underwhelming. I think you can find a way to use him at 4-70 since you’ve already gotten him this far.

But not having another barbarian yet is not a good enough reason to invest the resources and emblems into Boomer especially when another 4* (Grimm - Ice hero) is accessible through training camps and would be much more effective with emblems.

Edit: @HeRaCLeS - Good catch I meant 4-70 not 4-80 amended for reference.

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Do you have a reset emblem you would be willing to use on him if you get another more desirable barbarian?

IF you’re set on giving him emblems, I’d go defense. Make him a better tank, he’s never going to hit hard no matter how many emblems you give him.

U will have him eventualy, grimm is the best choice hit like a truck + def down, although his defense is pretty low, i use him every raid with richard

Yes I have a reset emblem, his stats say that he hits everyone with 205 and he has a lot of health, yes he’s short on attack and defence but was thinking in using him as a flank or wing so he’s a little protected, as he won’t be a easy kill that’s why was thinking in fully emblem him.

There’s plenty of great 4* and 5* barbarians to save those emblems for…

Grimm has already been mentioned.
Gretel, LJ and Gormek would also get them before Boomer.

And that’s before we get into 5* where there are some genuine MVP best-in-game class cards that will want them (BK, GM).

I wouldn’t prioritize anything on the basis of defence team… If you’re using him in attack and finding him important then consider using them.

Have Little John but he’s a nightmare, can never get him to fire his special before he gets killed, he’s slow mana and have Caedmon as a nature hero.

Im guessing you dont know how to use It properly .
I have mine at +16 and where he shine the most is in events .
In raids i pair him with costume Melendor and caedmon and hes a beast . He usuay fires once before he dies if he does .

LJ ----> Boomer all the way

I think emblems would help LJ more than they would help Boomer. Plus he’s getting a costume, which will further increase his durability should you pull it.

In my honest opinion, and I have this hero, I wouldn’t use emblems on him.
You are far better waiting for another barbarian class hero.
Preferably Grimm or Little John. Both worth spending emblems on. And LJ currently has a costume in Beta
Good luck

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4-80??? :neutral_face:

According to me it only reaches 4-70 :thinking:

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Yeah…that’s what he meant. 4/70 is his max.

I agree on waiting for Grimm or one of the nasty 5* heroes. But if you have a reset and you are willing to use it, go for it.

Gretel, Grimm, Gormek, Little John, Boomer is how I would rank them. Don’t know enough about Stonecleave yet to have an opinion on that one.

I’d swap Grimm first and Gretel second… Otherwise agree…

The 5* are harder to rank.

I have Grimm at 20, but only because I hadn’t leveled Gretel yet. I’m a big fan of Gretel, but I can see it either way. Grimm probably is more versatile.

I like Gretel but she’s very much Hansel’s poorer sister…

Grimm is genuinely useful.

Either way, I stripped my 4’s for the best barbarian 5* - BK. (I also have one node each on Kage, Mok and G.Kong)

Amended. Thanks for catching that.

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