The greens: Mel, LJ ...or Caedmon

Hey there, I know the question is an old one - but it never fails to be a current one. Having read pretty much everything I found on the forum, I’m still at a loss.
I’ve got BT and Proteus maxxed + emblems, Sonya and Chao almost maxxed, Boril at 3.60. Now Mel is at 3.60, LJ at 3.45 and now I finally got my first 4* from TC13 ( After three months running it nonstop… ) : Caedmon.
The latter seems to get a lot of love, but isn’t he really just a green Sonya?
There seems to be an LJ fanclub around and lately I was leaning towards him as he might pair well with Chao’s and Proteus’ mana controlling, however, when stacking against green I’m leaving Sonya at home and I might miss a disspeller leading to Gandalf(Mel) or Caed. Also a potent healer wouldn’t be a bad thing.
On the other hand there is Rigard waiting his turn at 2.2 but not yet getting precedence over Gafar at 1.34. (any opinions on these two?)
So is it the healing disspeller with good attack stats or the premium attacker with mana control? Or is Caedmon really that great, that I should abs prioritize him?
Having asked that, there’s mats: I’ve got 10 shields but currently not a single glove…
Thanks for your thoughts!

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Yes, Caedmon is a green Sonya, but Sonya is kinda meh next to Kiril and Grimm, Caedmon is :heart_eyes: next to LJ, Skittles, and Melendor.

I’d do Caedmon and Rigard before Mel and Gafar


Mel because he is diverse. His attack is high enough for stacking and titans, and he heals. Although I like LJ (more than I thought), he is really only good for stacking and titans.

Caedmon if you’re encountering a lot of Aegir tanks (probably not). You’ll want one eventually and I’d take him instead of LJ.

I’d level Rigard before Gafar, Rigard is the MVP of my entire roster which includes six 5 stars.

Rigard takes total priority over Gafar. And Caedmon is a 4* beast. A fast mana sniper with debuff and decent defense.


Another way to look at this: Boldtusk gives +48% Attack.

Of the heroes you listed, Little John maxes out at 741 Attack; Melendor at 714; and Caedmon at 635.

I love Caedmon, I have him maxed and emblemed myself, and I agree with others that he is a great hero. But Little John will benefit a lot from synergy with Boldtusk; high attack, he hits everyone, and as you already noted, if you like mana control with Proteus, then Little John gives you another option to stagger him with Proteus and keep enemy mana from every rising too much. :slight_smile:

So with your lineup… I’d lean toward Little John. But the other two are solid heroes too, so you really can’t go wrong. Go with your gut, and decide what you want right now, and you’ll eventually level those other ones up, too.

Good gaming!

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Finish what you started first imo. Max Melendor first and go from there.

Little John and Gobbler were my first green 4*s, so naturally I leveled Little John first. He is slow but has a very powerful skill, and he can’t take a lot of hits before clocking out. He has the 2nd highest attack stat out of all the classic heroes (1st is Scarlett), so even if he gets KO’d early he still deals heavy damage in green stacks, where I think that’s his best use. However, I think that Proteus does a fine enough job himself at controlling bosses, making L.J.'s value less of a priority. Unless you need him to stack green

Also, here’s a stat comparison between Sonya and Caedmon:

:crossed_swords: 607 :shield: 731 :heart: 1011

:crossed_swords: 635 :shield: 637 :heart: 1128

Sonya is built to last longer herself. She’s also got the paladin class to complement that. Caedmon deals more damage than her though, which complements his offensive skill. Both are good, and I think both should be maxed.

Regarding your purple heroes, I would max Rigard first. Gafar is a good hero too, for a sniper his damage is underwhelming, but his real treat is blocking healing. This comes in very useful in the Cleric class quest where Vivica is a boss. :slight_smile: But Rigard is useful pretty much in every offensive situation.

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I think you are beginning to get the theme here, but I’m going to say that - no matter what you choose on green - the real takeaway here is to max Rigard ASAP. He was a latecomer to my roster, and I knew he was going to be important, but holy cow! You just can’t really appreciate how important that cleanse is until you have laughed in the faces of the Colens and Hu Taos that used to be must-kill priorities in raids. Like, seriously, max Rigard.

I generally agree with most of the posters here about there being no bad choice among the greens you have. I’ve used Melendor the longest, whereas I’m just now leveling LJ, and Caedmon is also maxed and gets regular use. (Just happens to be the order they came to my roster.)

I almost always lean toward having more healers, since having a minimum of six for wars should be a goal for most people. I even run Melendor and Rigard together many times. I think you having Proteus in use already devalues LJ a bit. It could be tough to stagger the effects, and mana gain doesn’t get much slower than “blocked”. LJ does pack a punch, though, so there is that. As @DaveCozy points out, Caedmon is a more offensive Sonya, but I usually consider both to be dispellers first and foremost, and Melendor would give you that anyway. So that’s a longwinded way of me recommending Melendor > LJ > Caedmon. That you already have Melendor at 3^60 seals it for me.


Thanks everyone!
So Rigard seems to take the cup in the purple.
With the greens I’ll put LJ to 3.60 and level Caed until I get that pair of gloves to ascend Mel.
Guess I have a soft spot for more exotic specials…and I do wanna see that healing stop in action!

Caedmon since you are lacking in the damage department.

Dont get me wrong, Mel and Sabina works very well against rare titans that has riposte especially.

I really don’t understand how a slow low def & HP guy may have a fan club. LJ will not survive enough time to use his special in raid where maxed 4* are awaited: around 2300 cups to break the diamond cap.

If you want to breack 2000 then Mel and Caed are usefull to get out Boril, they can kill him before he turns on or dispell his perfect ripost if he does.

But the priority, at least for raiding is to build a good dark stack. Richard is a must, as he can cleanse all your roster and early diamond is full of drake fong, justice and azlar tank which can shred you appart alone without Richard.
By the way a dark stack allow to attack guin also.

I’m a fan of LJ in the right situation.

In my mono green team I run LJ Gad Horghall Eve Mel

With Evelyn, Mel and Gad providing healing at all mana speeds, the team has good survivability. Gad also boosts LJ and Horghall’s attack which is quite devastating on top of a green defence debuff.

Anyone who survives then struggles to charge due to LJs mana debuff.

It also works on titans with Wu taking a spot.

So Jonah wou’re able to align a full green stack with maxed heroes, do you think we’re speacking about the same thing? Here we are looking how are the priorities among 4* heroes and how use them to progress as soon as possible.

By the way, a full stack with Eve is more about Eve than LJ, you can use another heroe than LJ while you have to keep Eve, regarding this point I don’t understand the LJ fan club then.

LJ works well on offense, challenges and lower tier titans but not quite on defense.

On green priority, he ranks lower than some.

Caed and Mel definitely ranks higher in my opinion.


In my honest opinion it depends what you need. Caedmon is a green Sonia. But a great hero to have on max. But if you are short of healers it must be Melendor. After that Little John for low end platinum raids and lower tier Titan.

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Thanks again for your thoughts! Appreciate it!

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Yes… priority of green heroes.

The conversation can have a broader context than an isolated comparison.

I’m not contradicting the general consensus that Caedmon or Melendor are usually superior, just adding that over time, LJ can have a useful role.

The ideas aren’t mutually exclusive.

Yes, Evelyn is superior in the vast majority of situations. Does this mean that I don’t ever use LJ or enjoy having him?


Having Evelyn doesn’t mean I can’t be a fan of LJ in certain circumstances.

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I agree. Buddy, Hansel, and Peters definitely rank higher than him too. Arguably Gadeirus, I think the only green 4*s he is more worth maxing over are Skittleskull (higher atk and same speed as her, better effect on skill too) and Gobbler (lol).

The thing with John is that it really depends on your roster how useful he’ll be. If you get him early (like me and my wife) then he’ll be very helpful. If you get him after Skittleskull, then he’d get maxed before her. If you get him after Caedmon and Melendor, he’ll still be helpful but he won’t get leveled before them.

If have Jack O’ Hare… then Little John isn’t going to add much beyond mana control. And if you have both Jack and Proteus, Little John is irrelevant. :stuck_out_tongue:

my order for prioritizing maxing green 4*s

Hansel, Buddy, Peters, Caedmon, Melendor, Jack, Little John (if no Jack), Gadeirus, Little John (if Jack), Skittleskull, Gobbler

Kashhrek is an isolated case. He is very valuable to have on defense, but if you already have a good 4* tank you don’t really need him. He’s either near the top if you need a tank, or in the bottom of the priority if you don’t.


My priorities were Mel, then Caedmon, then maybe LJ after that.

Mel is pretty squishy at 3/60 whereas Caed is actually useable. I also wanted extra healers for war. So Mel got maxed first. I am maxing Caed now (my 5* Lianna took priority after Mel). LJ is 3/60 and barely gets used.

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