My second four star green is also a second Caedmon

Just made tier 4 with my first Caedmon today. Pulled a second one from tc13. Should I level him up after I’m done with the first?

Yes. He’s a good hero with decent health and his abilities are useful. Use him for wars. I have 1 fully leveled for that and another in the wings.


His remove buffs from enemies can come in really handy. He is in my opinion a core 4* hero to have.


Finish your first Caedmon and maybe you’ll find another 4* green in the meantime. Otherwise, yeah level a second Caedmon. He’s dope. War bench? Titan color stack? Events won by heavy green? Caedmon is a good hero.


You know what’s better than one Caedmon? Two.


The only one who gave you a response. Gratz @SWEG

I agree with Sweg.

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I just pulled my second Caedmon, as well. I’m new, both on here and to the game (haven’t been playing for two months yet). Still trying to level up my first one, he’s only at 3/27. I’m considering feeding #2 to my Lianna, who’s sitting at 2/5. I’ve got a roster of 53, not including the new Caedmon, and having a devil of a time every day deciding who gets to eat and who doesn’t. I currently only have 3s who are maxed out (Bane, Hawkmoon, Balthazar, Azar and Valen), and Graymane, Isshtak and Gan Ju are getting close. My first 5 was Seshat, and she’s the closest to getting her fourth chevron at 3/38 , but still a long ways off. Caedmon goes on nearly every raid and Titan attack, depending. I love him and my 3/60 Sonya together, but I’m not good at the who-to-match-with-who part of the game yet. So, back to the question. Keep Caedmon #2, or feed him to Lianna?

Don’t feed any 4* until you don’t have 6 full war teams without single 3*

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You really need to start concentrating on the 4*'s instead of the 5*'s. They will max out much faster and will allow you to advance to where you can more easily level the 5*'s later.

Your maxed 3* are all good ones, the almost maxed not so much. Gan Ju is ok. Despite my in-game avatar being Graymane mine never gets off the bench even for 3* tournaments.

Keep Caedmon #2. Work on a core group of 3* and 4* heroes (at least 2 rainbow teams of each) for Alliance Wars. Then switch to the 5*. It is really hard to fast-track this game and go straight to the 5* early.

I have terrible luck summoning strong greens. I’m very happy that I’ve kept and leveled my two Caedmon.

They love to through green my way!
3* belith mnessns birenna

4* 4/70 kashrek
3/60- gobbler LJ
Just started ceadmon 2/30
Just pullled gadeirus and muggy recently too!

Thanks for the comments, and for the direction. So, if Isshtak is considered a weaker green, which 3* greens should I be looking at? I’ve kept Belith, Brienne, Berden and Friar Tuck, but none have ascended once yet.

I would use Brienne before Ishtalk just because she buffs the whole team and increases the buff each time they’re hit for 5 turns.

Belith is a healer, which are scarce among 3*. Berden is a mini Lianna sniper. Brienne is a great attack booster. Any or all can be leveled. Friar Tuck is better than Isshtak but not by much. I used him as my first tank out of necessity but his only healing 3 is a handicap.

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