Melendor or Little John

I haven’t began to work on either one of these but I want to keep adding to my bench of heroes. As far as 4* greens I have maxed Caedmon and Kashhrek. For overall healers I have maxed Kiril, Rigard, and BT. BT and Rigard also have emblems. Who would be better choice to ascend Meleandor or Little John?

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Melendor is one of *4 you will use till top-tier alliance wars , Little John is not.

Kiril , Melendor , Proteus , Rigard are same tier

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Who would you emblem menlendor or Caedmon?

Melendor, it is very useful having healers on each color, even u have a debuffer in Caedmon, Melendor can debuff without hitting that can be useful against riposte (Boril, Cyprian, Elena) or Share Link (Wilbur, Aegir)…

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i gave to Caedmon because my Sorcerer emblem for Sabina , they both got same special

I use Little John literally every war in my mono green stack. He’s got insane tile damage - 741 is more than maxed Lianna (729).

Melendor is nice but if OP has already maxed Kiril, Rigard and BT, do they really need another healer? Also fast Caedmon is better dispeller than average Mel.

I’d max LJ.


he is too slow and Melendor got high damage as well for Tile and give more utility than LJ

i didnt say LJ is bad but also not compareable apple to apple , but for utility Melendor would be more usefull than LJ

This is a great discussion and I think it comes down to playstyle. Yes Lj has higher attack stats but mel’s aren’t too shabby at 714. Maybe take both to 3/60 and see who you use more often. Good luck!


I agree with @Math4lyfe, it’s better to see who is more useful before pulling the trigger. I have both maxed and they are more than helpful in a green stack against certain teams.
Both have pros and cons but LJ hits like a truck, affects all of your opponents team and that -64% mana generation for 3 turns is awesome.
Melendor and his +42% health and dispel without hitting can be a life saver.

The way I see it is they both have uses and you can’t go wrong with either one.


Does either one fill a gap for Class Trials?

For war I think Melendor shades it (decent tile damage, heal and debuff at average mana > AoE damage and mana stall at slow mana).

LJ is deadly in the Very Fast 4* Raid Tournaments.


In my honest opinion it would have to be Melendor he is a mainstay hero that you can use in a variety of ways - war, raids, tournaments and events etc.

I went with Caedmon first myself. He’s fast, and he’s more durable than Melendor. He can pull off the offensive Atk + HP druid route much better.

EDIT: this route complements the thorn minions as well by increasing their attack and HP, since they have no defense stat.

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Hello, after reading this thread, i realized that Mel is a green Sabina.
I have and am levelling both, plus Caed(maxed), Rigard(maxed), Sonia(4/58).
Should i max them both when possible (mats) or stop at 3/60?
Bt & Kiril are close to max also.
Thank you and have fun.

Sonya is a green Caedmon too…

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Just realized it after you mentioned it. I should pay more attention .lol😁
Have fun.

Minions have the same Defense stat as their host hero.

As others have said, it depends on your preferred play style. For me, would be Melendor hands down. I think for AW you can’t have too many healers. You have six teams to field.

I prefer using healers and fast snipers for raiding so a slow AOE like LJ would not see much play for me. Maybe in a mono stack as 5th or 6th flag. But everyone plays different. You need to decide who is more useful to you.

Melendor all day. I maxed him and he’s got 16 emblems and a l9 troop that gives him 900 attack stat plus high shield and hp. He’s basically a 5* at this point. He’s great and keeps me in diamond as I haven’t maxed Vivica yet. He’s like at attacker ego heals. You won’t regret it and I have Kiril, bt, rigard too. Lj is slow mana and with his very weak shield he gets killed quickly. Melendor every day and twice on Sunday.

I have both maxed, and use both. I think it’s down to play style.

Little John is a very offensive minded hero for titans, war, events I need mana control ( Protues + Little John = no specials today) and any raid tourney that is very fast.

Melendor is more flexibly used, and heals. Both get used in Alliance war for me.

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