The first to ascend

I have quite a few heroes, but only one compass, so I’m looking for suggestions on whom to ascend. Choices are:

Li Xui to 4
Gadeirus to 4
Grazul to 3
Scarlet to 4
Grimbel to 3
Wu Kong to 4
Boril to 4

Thanks for the help. BTW all the specials are maxed.

Put the 5* down… If you’re short of compasses, I can almost guarantee you don’t have the AM’s necessary to max them - a maxed 4* in almost all cases will help you more than a 3.70 5*.

Before suggesting who to ascend to tier 4 (ie: 4*), what do you have maxed already?
What else do you have in the works for 4*?

LiXiu is an underrated defence tank and useful in farming maps… Not the hardest hitter, but sturdy and a delaying tactic.

Gadeirus is a great support hero, he’s toothless even maxed but useful support for those either side of him, he’s probably lowest priority.

Scarlett is a glass cannon… Hits great, dies easy… She won’t be much fun until maxed, depending on what you need, there’s a case to be made for her.

Wu is great for titans, events… Anything where you’re prepared to gamble to punch above your weight - on average you’ll do much better with him than without him, but when the gamble goes against you it feels like it’s really against you.

Boril… I just don’t rate. He’s sturdy as heck and riposte is effective against newbs who either don’t have or don’t understand the importance of dispellers… But beyond a certain point, you’ll never touch him again.
If you have other 4* , consider parking him permanently and work on a more useful card - Li is almost as good a tank and you’ll find use for her further into the game (especially if you have her costume).

This is just a really general summary…
What else do you have?
What do you have maxed?


In my honest opinion, and based on the list of heroes you provided, I would max Wu Kong. Good luck

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I think Bubbles has this one covered.

I 2nd everything he said.

I have 14 3* maxed (2 or 3) of every color& working on a few more. I ask because I have gotten to the point in season 1 where it’s taking a lot of battle items to more forward (prov 20).

No 4* finished at all, then?


Drop the 5* immediately, you’re not ready to max them so build your 4* roster first.

If you’re not interested in defence (you shouldn’t be) then do Wu first - his special isn’t called gamble for no reason… On average you come out ahead, but sometimes you don’t.

Or put another way - sometimes unfinished 4* or finished 3* will be able to complete levels/challenges that they couldn’t beat without him… But sometimes you’ll have to try twice!

Don’t try to push too far through the map - you’ll gain more exp, but otherwise it makes little difference.
You’re better off playing region 8, level 7 over and over again - fills the monster chest faster, gives good numbers of recruits per world-energy flag.

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