How high to ascend wu?

Was wondering how high to ascend wu. I have read different threads and there seems to be all sorts of different ideas. Currently I have not ascended him at all. I’ve been focusing on another character but with the good things I’ve seen about him regarding titans has me in a conundrum.
Any advice is appreciated.

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all the way! there is no other answer to this question. lol


Ultimately it depends on your roster of heroes and what your needs are, but…

…Wu is worth every ascension material and feeder hero that u give him. You won’t regret taking him to 4/70

He is the key to big titan hits and is invaluable on tough map levels.


Out of interest, who is the other character that you’ve been concentrating on?

LiXiu. She’s at 2,47 right now. But 2 reasons… 1st pulled her first, 2nd reason I was scared off initially on the -32 gamble as my 4* characters lack depth. But then I might be wrong on that as well. I’ve only recently started taking the game more seriously instead of just being a time waster. It started reminding me a little of MTG. So on a huge learning curve right now. My apologies for rambling on, haha. Thought it might be pertinent information.

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Max him out. His HP stats are seriously lacking especially when you fight higher titans.


Wu is responsible for the greatest titan hits in the game. He’s also responsible for a little inconsistency. Sometimes it feels like every tile misses! That’s why it’s gamblers stance. But he embodies this game perfectly. He’s the perfect mascot. Sometimes things are great sometimes things aren’t so great. By when it’s great, it can be amazing. He offers you that chance at amazing.


Li Xiu is a good hero to level as well and may very well be your best choice right now.

Wu is one of the game’s greatest heroes. However… u can go a long, long way into the game without him.

It could be a better decision to keep levelling Li right now.

If you don’t mind sharing who your other heroes are (even 3*). I don’t mind continuing to chat to you about whether its the right time to switch to Wu or not.

Just type a list of ur main heroes, no need to do screen shots

wu part leveled is useless , can be devastating fully done & can be useless fully done … IMO , get it done asap for titans , if you are not in an alliance its a mute question .

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Max him, no doubt about it :wink:


Here is my roster. No particular order other than what’s been working somewhat in raids, AWs and Titans. As I say just starting to get serious. Previously levelling heroes with no real plan (other than a strong rainbow, from what I’ve read I might have to get over the “hero missing” message) I do appreciate the input. Thank ya muchly.

Caedmon 4,52
Cyprian 3,18
Scarlett 3,11
LiXiu 2,47
Karil 3,50
Kiril 3,40
Oberon 3,50
Nashgar 3,50
Dawa 3,50
Carver 2,35
GanJu 3,43
Jahangir 3,50
Rigard 1,31
Friar Tuck 2,23
Graymane 2,23
Bane 3,50 (lvl 7 special)
Hawkmoon 3,3
Tyrum 2,31
Isshtak 2,6
Gunnar 2,3
Kailani 3,1
Renfeld 2,20
Azar 2,27
Brienne 2,4
Valen 1,27
Balthazar 2,17
WuKong 1,9
Gill-Ra 2,2
Belith 1,25
Ulmer 1,26
Berden 1,18
Prisca 1,17

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At least one Wu Kong to 4* 4.70 due to his high attack stat and low toughness ( glass cannon, see Notes) and only hero in any color with Gambler’s Stance unlike Ramming Pulverizer or 4* with 42% heal


Before war:

Wu Kong 4* 4.70

With war:

Wu Kong 4* 4.70
2nd Wu Kong 3.60

With rumored ability to increase hero stats to defeat tougher titans:

Wu Kong 4* 4.70
2nd Wu Kong 4* 4.70
?? 3rd Wu Kong 4* 3.60 or 4.70

==Wu Kong team==

==Using Wu Kong==


OK. Thanks. There may be time zone differences, but let’s be patient with each other (I’m in Australia) Give me an hour or so and I’ll give u a considered response.

U have a great collection of heroes!

And there will be some amazing responses from very experienced players - you have already had at least three incredible players respond to your thread.

I’ll give u my opinion, and try to help you sort the good advice as well.

About to eat dinner now, so please bear with me!

Four incredible players lol


That’s some good info… never came across that post. Thank you.

Glass cannon :joy: that one cracks me up (pun intended) every time I read it.


No worries at all. I’d say there’s just a wee bit of a time difference. I’m in Canada, we’re a patient bunch though haha. Seemingly I’m like a lot of folks on here and stay up late lmao. Enjoy your dinner. Again many thanks.

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No particular order


At least complete a team of rainbow 4*


No bias at all eh @Oracle83? :wink:

Let’s start by keeping this on topic. You should ascend Wu to 4/70 no doubt. But… I do not think that is your priority right now.

I’m sure others will point this out, but you already have a good rainbow 4* team:

Caedmon, Scarlett, Cyprian, Li Xiu, Kiril (play with the order, because Li is OK at centre as well)

That team alone will take u a long way into the game. I’d be surprised if u haven’t already worked that out considering how u are levelling.

So get those heroes as high as u can as a priority. Rigard is a standout 4* hero and should be levelled when u have resources.

This game is high in FOMO - don’t buy into that! Your current heroes are awesome and you will spend at least the next two to three months having enormous fun without getting any new heroes. Ignore your ‘inner voice’ saying that you ‘need’ more 4* or a 5*. U don’t. Not yet. U will. But not yet.

After levelling the above 4* heroes, my strong advice is to also build a strong base of 3* heroes. You will not regret this because they will help you on every aspect of the game: The Main Map(s), AW, Titans, Events, Quests, Farming.

For the moment, hang on to all of your three star heroes. But there are some that should forever stay at the current level, and other who are worth levelling to the max.

Here is my opinion on the ones that are worth levelling to the max, in addition to the ones that are already there like Nashgar & Bane:

Nature: Belith, Berden, Brienne,

Ice: Valen, Gunnar

Fire: Hawkmoon, (Nashgar)

Holy: Kailani, (Bane)

Dark: Balthazar, Tyrum, (I have no idea about Gill-Ra)

Do not level the other 3* beyond where they are until you know u want them (my guess is that they’ll remain untouched)

Once you have done that it time is to RELEASE WU (i.e. ascend him) You will by then have enough diversity and depth in your team to colour stack on titans, to allow u to fully appreciate the magic that is Wu.

If u ascend him now, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Wu is only Wu, when Wu has the right friends to play with. He needs support in every element with colour stacking (FishDreams stands back for the flood of comments)

IMHO, Li and the 3* mentioned above, are better use of ur holy feeders for where u are at right now.


If u r not already in an alliance, then u should be. It’s the best way to learn.

There are plenty that would want some! with ur lineup of heroes.

I know our alliance would welcome u.

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