About what level of heroes do I need to defeat the Dark Lord?

I just recently got to the Dark Lord, and it seems like a huge difficulty spike compared to the levels directly before it. I can’t even come close to beating him, like I can’t even get half his energy down.

My team right now is Tiburtus and Kiril fully ascended but not quite fully leveled yet, Scarlett at 3/60, and Bane and Belith fully ascended and leveled. Do I need to just have totally different heroes? I know light heroes would be best but I don’t have much in the way of light heroes, I do have LiXiu who is 4* but I’ve barely leveled her yet. I also have Little John who is 4* and I’m working on leveling him to replace Belith but he’s a nature hero. I don’t have many other 4*, just Sonya and Gormek.


A team of fully ascended 4 star heroes should be enough. Don’t sweat over the colour too much - Tibbs is decent against purple even, thanks to his universal def down. Kiril is a great healer. I’d say if you only manage to complete Li, LJ, Scarlett and the 4 stars you already work on, it should do the trick. Make sure to get a good set of items also, not sure what’s in your stock but take mana to fire off Kiril whenever needed, bombs, maybe a miracle scroll if you have one.

And my finap advice - don’t rush it. The reward for completing is not life-changing tier. You will finish it anyway eventually, for now do not burn the items and energy if it feels a long shot.


Of course there is always the yellow monocolor lucky board aproch. First time I defeated the dark lord I used 2× Bane, GanJu, Chao and Kailani. Took all the healing items I could carry and crossed my fingers for a good board. I got it on the second attempt. Might work for you too…

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Completed it the other day with Ariel 3/something, Wilbur 4/something, Chao 4/70, Hu Tao 3/60, Grimm 4/70. Team Power was around 3400 I think. Was a really easy fight with this team.

Like Suicide_Bunny said, don’t try to rush the campaign. I got 3 feeders and 2 lvl 3 troops (+ 1 EHT I’m saving for the summer) for finishing it, so there’s not much you gain for completing it anyway. This game requires patience, so don’t waste lots of battle items on this fight, but farm lower levels to level up your heroes instead and then just complete it once you’ve got a few maxed 4*.


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