Need help beating the dark lord [beaten]

Hi, I’ve tried a couple of times with this rainbow team, but can’t beat it. Should I invest in a couple of 3 star light heroes to try to beat it? here’s my team.

And available light heroes

Thanks in advance for any feedback offered :slight_smile:

If you are close with the rainbow team, just swap Cyprian for Bane and give it a go. If that doesn’t work, drop Sonya and put Kailani in. It’s okay if they die, they still contribute to the tile attacks, which is the most important part. You gotta get the Attack power up over the Defense rating, and since the enemies are all dark, just stack holy.

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Kailani is of huge help against the Dark lord. Her spirit link diminish the chance of being OHKO by the dark lord and being yellow, she helps with tile damage. You should consider maxing her before attempting it again.
Kailani - Bane - Kash - Li - Sumi
Bring health and mana potions. Arrows and axes can come in handy too.
That should be enough to succeed

Good luck!


Here are the heroes I would pick myself:

Li Xiu (yellow and mana reduction)

Kailani - although she’s only 3*, her spirit link can keep your heroes alive from Dark Lord’s death strike. Plus she’s yellow.

Tarlak - damage boost plus HoT; but you need to get him to at least 3/60. Max him if you can.

Bane - heavy hitter plus he’s yellow

Kashhrek - he’s your only healer…

Bring a lot of mana potions so Tarlak and Kashhrek can keep healer your team. I would also bring axes or bombs to reduce enemy damage.

Good luck!


Thanks all, I’ll get working on Kailani and try stacking more holy :slight_smile:

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Agree with Kailani. But I would bring antidotes over mana potions.

The doomed lord elite minions cast -def, and the Dark Lord casts poison with deathstrike, and the DoT is moderately high. But more concerning is that DoT bypasses spirit link shared damage, so that’s why antidotes would be more important.


You are right. Totally forgot about the DoT.

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I will echo everyone else and say bring kailani. She was the biggest help for me when beating the dark lord. Hete is an excerpt of what i wrote on another thread of the same topic and details what i tried first and what i changed that worked:

It took me 3 tries. At first i tried my strongest team which was:
Boldtusk 3.60
Caedmon 4.45
Grimm 3.60
Hu tao 3.60
Chao 3.28

And i failed pretty bad. I think i got him down to about 60% before i died but my big mistake was that i used the 2 timestops i had and the 1 tornado and the 1 miracle scroll.

So i looked around for tips and strategies and found the suggestions for spirit link and a yellow stack. I had gunnar at 2.25 and i also had kailani at 1.1. So i got to work forging mana potions and healing potions and ax attacks. I tried a yellow stack to see how well it worked and if it was feasible. It worked pretty well so i started power leveling kailani.

I finally beat him with. Full medium mana potions, full small mana potions, full medium health potions and full axes and my team was

Boldtusk 3.60
Kailani 2.15
Bane 3.50 +3
Chao 3.29
Hu tao 3.60

I ended up using almost all of my items. I had 2-3 health pots left and 1 small mana pot and that was it. Im not sure if i got a great board, it didnt seem amazing but pretty good. And i beat him with only losing chao and it didnt seem like too much of a challenge. Again i think it was probably due to luck. I havent tried again since. But yeah…thats what it took for me to beat it


Thanks for the reminder! Totally forgot about the poison damage.

I did not have Kailani at the time and had to use Gunnar. Could not stack holy but I still got spirit link.

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Spirit link was the only reason i was able to beat the dark lord. I used mana pots to basically make sure i had spirit link almost constantly on and definitely if he was about to fire his special. Otherwise he would just one shot my heroes one by one and i didnt last very long. Wilbur would have clutch if i had him but i only recently pulled him from the last atlantis. Even at 2.15, kailani was the MVP of that fight for sure. Its a slugfest and its all about timing your specials correctly. Hope some of this info helps

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No. While yellow does the most damage, it also takes the most punishment from the Dark Lord and his minions. I find your army’s lack of heroes from the Dark Side disturbing.

That said, Cyprian is useless as an attacker. Remove him.

Going forward, consider acquiring more 4* healers. Kashhrek only provides healing to himself and the neighboring hero on both sides. Sumitomo can heal himself.

I think your chances of outlasting the Dark Lord are best if you bring red & blue flasks, timestops, bomb or dragon attacks, & gems to continue playing if your team gets wiped out.

Good luck!

That’s not how elemental damage from enemies works. Slash attacks (i.e. regular enemy strikes) are neutral damage against any target.

The only exception is if the special skill says that it deals extra damage, or if the hero attacked has a dark elemental defense down ailment (which they wouldn’t because Dark Lord nor minions cast that ailment).


Hi, thank you for responding! I’m F2P and have only spent less than 20 gems thus far. Hogging onto 4k gems, hopefully I’ve enough patience till 8400 gems so that I can do a 30X summon during Atlantis summon. All of my 4-5* are from atlantis coins/epic hero token or from training camps. I just reached SH20 as well, so I’m upgrading my TC to 20 as well. Hope that clears things :slight_smile:


That’s a really good suggestion! I’m thinking of mana potion ,super antidote,potent healing potion, and axe attack. Anything that I should replace? :open_mouth:

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Thank you for sharing your team with me. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many choices to choose from, so I’ll make do with what I have. Do you think that bringing super antidote instead of minor mana potion would’ve been better? :slight_smile:

Lookong at your roster i would try to do li xiu, bane, kashrek, kailani, sumitomo. I would worry more about bring mana pots than antidotes. You will want the mana pots to keep kailani charged and make sure her special is active when the dark lords special is gonna hit and you will also want then to keep kashrek ablw to heal if you dont get green tiles. Launch all 5 axes at first and try to take out his minions first and then trt to ghost tiles up the side and kill him with specials to minimize the amount of specials he can hit you with. Li xiu will help cut his mana and bane will blind him possibliy.make him miss his special. If his special goes off or is about to you want to ideally havw kailanis special in effect and kashrek to be ablw to heal as aoon as possible. Its a long battle so knkw that going into it. Right now the only person i would level is kailani and level her as much as you can. If you keep havinf problems then back off for a while and farm and grind and level. The dark lord isnt going anywhere. If you need to take a week or 2 and level up your heroes then thata fine. Its gonna take some patience and luck but you will get it eventually


That sounds good to me. Arrows would be better over health potions but that depends if you bring a healer or not. Bombs > Axes too, but it depends on your resources available and whether you can craft them. If you bring both make sure to hit with Axe first, then Bomb.

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Hi all, thanks for all of your feedback and suggestions. As advised, I leveled up Kallani to 3/16 and brought along Li Xiu, Bane, Kashhrek, Sumitomo. My craft isn’t too well leveled yet, so I only brought along minor healing potion(used up mostly for kallani), minor mana potion, antidotes(against DoT bleeding and reduced defense), and axes.
I had a bad board initially with only 3 yellow tiles but things went well after that.
Bane died right after the 2 minions, Kallani died when dark lord was about 40% health and I managed to ensure Kashhrek had heals for the rest when it was needed.
Once again, thanks all :slight_smile:

[This was the first attempt after this post. Before this post, I brought in a rainbow team and got my ■■■ kicked :joy: ]