🧪 The Beta Beat (V63) – Legendary Troops, Clash of Knight heroes, Super Elemental heroes, Journey hero, Owl Tower -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

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Spoiler: own Portal with 2% Chance for LegendaryTroop, currently 300 gems/Pull. No ETT.


Apart from gems, Zynga should be selling special troop tokens in the offers accompanying the Legendary Troop Portal. Pricing ? :thinking:

Zynga will not allow basic gold ETT cos those will not bring in fresh revenue streams for the next 2 years:

• total 50 legendary troops (10 each per element)
• portal is monthly
• 2 classes per portal

That’s 48 months.


thx I had missed it, reading and working at the same time :slight_smile:

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What’s going to happen to the special troops? I feel like this will just make them useless, or can we expect 5 star troops of the special events, that would probably be too much maybe at least retain what makes them different after the conversion.

We didn’t get an answer yet with respect to 5* tournaments. If these are about to be restricted to 4* troops then the 4* troops will keep their niche. Same with respect to 5* challenge events.

I got and answer, but it is not very useful:

So we will see what happens :smiley:


I’d like to think that is good news

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: that answer means:

Zynga will go ahead with release of legendary troops for their reasons (one of them should be connected to their bank account), pending beta results and findings. They want to finalise the form and substance of these legendary troops first.

Only when this aspect is finalised, will they turn their attention to situations where max troops are restricted to epic only.

The legendary troops can be used in maps, PvP and most quests/events without restrictions, leaving them to ponder when it’s necessary:

• Challenge Events
• Alliance Quests
• 5* RT

The testing of the first Beta build for V63 has ended today.

And Staff has adjusted the Beta Schedule and they have added 2 extra Beta builds for V63.

Beta Name Status Open Closed
Beta 1 Testing Ended WED 8.11 MON 13.11
Beta 2 Testing Planned WED 15.11/ THU 16.11 MON 20.11
Beta 3 Testing Planned WED 22.11/ THU 23.11 MON 27.11
Beta 4 Testing Planned WED 29.11/ THU 30.11 MON 4.12
Final Beta Testing Planned MON 4.12/ TUE 5.12 FRI 8.12

Just making it more and more obvious that there are two completely separate games wrapped up in one here.

  1. Main game for the big spenders
  2. Secondary game for the rest of us that adds bulk to the main game.

I don’t mind playing the secondary game, but they are now making the boundary between the two an impenetrable barrier.


Emblems. They require emblems for going up every tenth level…

Does this mean we are getting more stuff or just the same spread out over more time? But I’m assuming we dont know what is to come.

As always Staff has not provided any hits on the upcoming content.
So we will find out what they are planed to test build-by-build.

One thing is almost sure. There will be several new heroes and costumes to be tested. Maybe some new event too.


I’m assuming no news on the new buildings?

I just know what Staff has announced on Social media on the last day of October.
So something will come this month.

Or course it can be just more images about these buildings / items on the last working day of November…


Yeah I kinda figured we didn’t know anything, hopefully we don’t get just more images. If we do get more this month it will have to be before they are done testing V63.

The second Beta has arrived.

  • 2 new Legendary and 1-1 Epic and Rare Clash of Knights hero
  • 1 new Super elemental hero
  • 2024 January HoTM
  • 1 new Journey hero.

I will start to work on topics shortly.


Topic for the new Clash of Knights heroes:

Ice Contest of elements hero:

Journey hero:

2024 Janury HotM

Additional information:

  • It seems we will able to do a free summon by watching advertistments in Elemental summon. Interval: unkown. I have not seen any time after I have done my free elemental summon.

Yay Christmas came early! Thank you our beloved SG for these treats you are giving us time after time, we don’t need anything else than new heroes (and troops) :))

Not pointed to you PFF, I know you’re just informing us and doing fantastic job there!

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Should we use ETTs in magic portal or wait till legendary troop portal sorted out?

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