🧪 The Beta Beat (V63) – Legendary Troops, Clash of Knight heroes, Super Elemental heroes, Journey hero, Owl Tower -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

This will be most likely the last Tower of Magic event in the forseeable future as we run out of releasable heroes.
So if you want to have Magic troops, but you can might consider pulling now.

We will probably only get new information about whether ETT can be used for Legendary Troop summon much later (maybe just when V63 is released) than this magic portal closes.


We will eventually see these tower events(especially the Styx) again right?

I assume that some time in the future we will either get a new set of heroes and return of the towers, or a “Tower Festival” to bunch them together

That would dilute the portal quite significantly

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I guess they could be in a combined magic/Styx like cf :man_shrugging:

Just a thought

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I’ve heard that, if that happens what could happen to the troops, do they get combined into one summon but then again with the legendary troops they might not even matter.

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If there will not be new heroes it, then there is bigger chance of a new Tower or a Tower Festival.

As Styx and Magic towers, Brave Musketeers are finished something should arrive soon.

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Something I’m wondering is how often do we get the elemental summons?

Do I still get to watch video if I have unused EHT?

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I did look for this answer but may have overlooked it. Does it say somewhere of what the total cost is in food and iron to completely finish a 5* troop from 1-50? I want to give more info to my alliance on how the conversion works but am really curious of the total cost - and how much less of a cost it is than epic troops.

Hi @deathcake , this quote is from another thread


20 characters of Thank you so much!!

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Well considering elemental summons don’t use your EHT I’d assume if you have unused EHT you can still watch an ad.


I wouldn’t mind then. Maybe get another dupe for SE. :joy::rofl:

I saw only this possibility in Elemental Summon.
It is not there for Epic hero or Epic Troop summons.

And EHT can’t be used for Elemental summon.

Just an additional thing:
When I did this “watch video summon”, then the Fated summon counter is not increased.

I am unsure of this possibility will be there for other summons or not.
We will see.
Staff have not mentioned anything in Beta release notes.
So most likely it is accidentally released to Beta.


yes they confirm us its accidentally in beta and is one of future plans but nothing more about it

Thanks to @Ufeel for the quote. I did later do a test leveling to level 50 and starting with my level 1 troops and then moving to level 2 (so not the most efficient but still more efficient), it only costs 29M food.


When is the next update? When is this happening?

The following is a guess as I don’t think there is an official answer.

The final beta testing closes December 8. Give it time to rollout the update and I’d guess maybe we’ll see v63 in mid December.

But it’s possible not everything in this round of beta testing makes it in v63.


I dont understand you, finished you mean what? They will not be continued?

Hopefully they receive any sign from the Gods and never release this crap.