🧪 The Beta Beat (V41) – Tower of Magic Event + Heroes, Haloween Hero Costumes, New Underwild Heroes and HoTM -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

We do not know either…
We are always proposing to give costumes to all heroes (3-4 stars too).
At least now we are receiving it for a non 5 star hero.


Fully agree.

Vlad, who is terribly bad, would really need one (or any other improvement). Also, Valeria is rather weak, especially compared to newer 4* heroes.

I’m really happy that it’s not only the 5* heroes who get costumes as low/no-spenders have a realistic chance to get one, but Frank is the one who needs the improvement the least. It should have been Valeria and Vlad (along with 5* Victor) . And also Jack even though he’s second generation.

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Welp, looks like my decision to skip Sand Empire and summon during Halloween this year was the right one! Looking forward to the details on these, and also the thread on Russell. Thanks for the info, as always, @PlayForFun .


Might as well skip summoning until all heroes in the portal get their costume.


Nah, I need some projects soon, and I’ve never pulled in the Halloween portal before, so even the uncostumed heroes will be new projects for me. Shouldn’t be impossibly difficult to draw the three- or four-star costumes if they are released later, and all the fives appear to be getting them this time around anyway.

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2021 October HoTM topic is added:

Now the Season 4 heroes topic is added too:

New costumes for the Haloween heroes topic is added too:


And no rebalance. They’ve made it quite clear SnG may make small adjustments but heroes that really need buffs aren’t going to get 1 or if they do, it will be behind a paywall

This seems to be the opposite of the bait and switch with Telluria

I’m done spending on this game


i see that we’re back to chasing the bunny… how dare people don’t pull in events anymore :roll_eyes:

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I personally like this change. This means that technically a costumed hero can withstand many curses now.


Few notes about the Tower of Magic event.

  • It is now scheduled to run for 6 days in Beta. I am unsure that this means that event duration will be 6 days or not. I have asked Staff for clarification. (There is a chance that it is extended only for this Beta, and it will be still 5 days in the live game)
  • Staff have written that Tower of Magic will be released with Version 41. So there is a high probability that we will have the first event in September (this is still NOT confirmed by Staff)

was opening the forum to ask that, thanks


If there are ninja troops, will there be magic troops for the new event? …

We still have not received any Magic Troops.
As this new event will be in Version 41 I am now giving a small chance for getting them in this version.


What rare blessings have been slightly weakened? Also, what the changes made to make the tower more challenging?

if the beta magic tower is set for 6 days, should i assume that IF they have more material to add to V41 (magic troop) we wont see before a next build after those 6 days? or they do release new material during the days they are testing an event?

They can add new content in a new build only.
They can just balance changes or really minor fixes in the current build.

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One more thing what I forgot to mention:

  • All new Legendary Halloween costumes are now added to the Hero Academy 10 as possible retrain result.

So we can expect that they will be added when the new costumes will go live.


So far I have seen that only the +200 HP for all heroes / activated special skill is reduced to 100 HP.
The offered blessings are completely swapped. I am recollecting the data.
Once it is ready I will add it to the proper topic.

About blessings:

  • Instead of Lantern minion now we have a different named minion.

And now as promised the hero and costume are treated separately.
So if your normal hero received the last course, then you see that another costume is allowed.
And you can start to collect the curses for the costume too.
Once that is cursed too, then you see that the hero is cursed.


@PlayForFun, war rules aren’t tested at the moment, aren’t they?

In some line groups the old element charge rule from v32 makes the round as something new. Just want to make sure there isn’t anything tested in the current version of beta.
Like always, thanks in advance for the good job you do here :+1:

No, they were not tested in Beta since I am in the program (since December, 2020)

Something about the wars are mentioned in 2021 Sneak Peak.
So there might be some change later this year…


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