🧪 The Beta Beat (v23) [NOW RELEASED] – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta: Stronghold 22/23 & Alchemy Lab, New Challenge Event Heroes, New Knights of Avalon & Pirates of Corellia Challenge Events, Costumes, November/December HOTM

They were by JackieChanBruce, 13 and 3 hours ago respectively.

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Why ya gotta make people read?

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I know, but we don’t have a negative balancing result. So that’s why it’s either zero or a benefit. There is never a time you lose a mat. So it does effect the avg and almost everyone experiences that random fortune in this game very occasionally so “rare instances of good fortune” can, within the context of E&P - and by the English definition of the word, be defined as “typical”

Are there changes in the Titans? or are they the same with different values?

Is this new skill icon or I was just blind earlier?

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They changed the shared damage icon, it’s not a new feature/effect.

It was updated here:


Muggy’s buffs from previous versions =)

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A lot of people are kind of missing the point here. The point isn’t that they are asking for gems to transmutate, it’s that this is a feature that has been discussed and tossed around for over 2 years (the guy who originally proposed it quit playing over a year ago, that’s how long it has been) as a way to change all your useless garbage into something ANYTHING useful. And now that it’s released it does not, in any way, do that. A 2 year wait for a building that does not have a single useful purpose for the players high enough leveled to actually open it up and use it. The gem cost is just part of it. The entire design is an abject failure in every single way.


@zephyr1 Do we know which costumes are being released in the first round?

The last announced plan was that they were going to add Costumes for the rest of the 4* and 5* Season 1 Heroes at least, and then return them to Beta for further testing.

I assume that all of the Season 1 Costumes will ultimately be released together — but none of them are being released right now as part of Version 23.


Oh yes :smiley: I cropped them on my PC and then never uploaded them. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll get on that tonight.

I have tracked mine since the beginning of this year. Average is 10.2 days with a range of 4-16. 24 elemental chests in 2019 so far.

As for skipping, I typically get 2 monster every day and the hero depends on how I feel about raiding in the evening…

But that all off topic.

Hey. And it keeps coming. Taths my loot from 5 days until now. https://youtu.be/TmeHO3RnV8A

I for one am excited by the prospect of being able to exchange my 3870 training manuals for 6 rolls of 2-ply toilet paper. :grin:


Well see i was once a high school chemistry teacher…lol jk

surprisingly i have not seen the latest version so just curious to see it so i have somethin to complain about. As of right now I’ve run out of new complaints and the old stuff is redundant

So how bout a sneak peak since it’s been officially released?


Perfect, this will be a new, exciting source of complaints!



I do have one serious legitimate question

So i was reading through your beta notes in the OP and paying attention to detail as usual, soaking up all this new information and at the end it had me really scratchin my head

question of the day:
What is a poison tonic?


What star-crossed lovers drink.

(fixed, thanks)


I look forward to choosing those from alkashards instead of 3x warm capes

I also want a mystic tabbard and a royal scope to go with em

You’re welcome


Think i missed you’re talk about 13/14* titans @zephyr1

Any idea what the loot tiers and mat rolls look like?

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