The Best Heroes in Each Class guide

Yes, she does hit first and dispel after. Therefore, on her first turn going off, she may get to jynx if there’s buffs in play. However, any hits after that [with jynx] would require the opponent to reapply several buffs in a very short window, before Zeline is charged & goes off again, to really benefit. That, or you’d have to hold off Zeline’s SS so that normal damage might Jynx. & It would require the chance for extra damage to activate before the dispel as well. Definitely not ideal. Whereas, someone like Hel wouldn’t ever have to worry about removing the buffs that make her hit harder; she would just do her thing. So yeah, I wouldn’t use emblems on Zeline for that specific talent; it won’t be as useful on her as it would be on nearly any other wizard. Though, if Zeline is your top/favorite/most versatile wizard, I’d still use emblems on her, but only for the stat boosts, not for the talent itself.

To be fair, Zeline doesn’t need her talent to work 100% of the time to still be amazing, because she’s just that good. However, someone like Hel would be even better for the Jynx job, since she doesn’t remove the buffs that give her a shot at hitting harder. Therefore, more opportunities to do extra damage from Jynx with Hel vs Zeline. Just my thoughts on it though. :blush:

If Pixar’s Toy Story…

… series taught us one thing, it is odd couples are funny, er, everyone benefits when you share with others.

Why does it have to be “either … or”?

I am taking Scarlett, Jackal, and Peters to Rogue 4*+1 before leveling Scarlett to 4*+15 for my original Wu Kong Cascade Squad.

Sabina, Ameonna to Sorcerer 4*+1 before leveling Sabina to 4*+15 for sorcerer Quests.

A friend is taking Delilah, Boldtusk, Elena, Valen, Rudolph, Gato to Fighter X*+1 before taking Boldtusk to 4*+15.


In several cases I will still be leveling a hero ( looking at you 4* purple list from heck ), so the X*+1 will get the emblems until the other heroes are ready, then I will level the other heroes to X*+1, before returning to spending emblems on the highest priority.

Be flexible

Wonderland legendary tier taught me to be flexible when I leveled Proteus in 1 day using off color heroes ( that hurt ). The lose of hero XP was balanced by using less 3* / 4* battle items in legendary tier ( where I can use Proteus), so I can use those saved battle items in the 8 of 10 class quests barred to Proteus.


What % will these heroes at class 1 be able to fire their class skill?

Talent effects

The genius of talents is the proc rate changes but the result stays the same.

Evade proccing has the same effect no matter the nodes activated.

I laughed out loud when my - then 4*+1 Rogue Scarlett - evaded Sartana’s Deathstrike which I then cleansed with my fully charged Rigard.


A Scarlett with zero emblems can not Evade.

But a Scarlett Rogue 4*+1 has a chance. Given how much time I play Empires, Scarlett will proc.

Would she proc more with more nodes, sure. Are some of the talents more powerful than others, yes. Do some talents buff some heroes more than others - see above plan.

But a non zero chance buffs many characters since Empires is a grindy game, not a crossword puzzle. Though a Crossword puzzle MMO would be another case altogether.


@Gryphonknight thanks for sharing valid points. Safe to say give your main defense and heroes used most often at least class 1 node before maxing one main hero for that class.

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You’ve got a very valid point! That’s why I’ve started giving my 4* emblems!
Both Panther and Magni will at least get +1. Although now that I pulled Alice, Magni isn’t getting my first set of scopes. So, that takes the difficulty out of that decision!

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Thank you for psoting your comprehensive listing. Such lists are always difficult to produce thoughtfully!

In producing this:

Did you consider the fact that each Thoth minion’s strike has the chance to proc Delay?


Thank you :grin:

They really are difficult to compile, there’s so much to consider. I just went with my own personal thoughts when making my own ranking, but didn’t spend too much time really analyzing the who where why. I’d already made my own list on paper, so figured I’d just share that :blush:.

Although, I could probably spend more time on it, really taking the time to consider them all, while creating a more in-depth list. However, it will always be subjective and vary depending on each person’s roster, playstyle, and priorities. This list of mine definitely applies to me, but may not apply to most others and that’s okay.

I tried to keep in mind that the most versatile or amazing heroes are usually the best first choices, specifically for those stat boosts. There’s a reason why they’re people’s number one choice, and that’s because they do at least one thing very, very well (but typically more than one thing). The talents themselves are more like icing on the cake [in my mind], but there’s definitely a huge plus when it synergizes well with the hero themselves.

Good to know regarding Thoth (I didn’t know that- super cool) :blush:. That could definitely bump him up there. Although, I still don’t know if it’s enough for him to be top choice, since he isn’t really super effective anywhere to be a first choice for stat boosts. Though, with a talent that synergizes well with his own special skill, I’d definitely put him ahead of Rumpelstiltskin. So at least #5.

Again, there’s always wiggle room. Everyone else’s list probably varies somewhat when compared to mine. Mine is more based on the usability of the heroes first, putting the most weight on that, then considering their talents after. Most of the decisions I made don’t take into account the talent paired with the hero as much as the usability of the hero first and foremost. I, personally, found the stat boosts as the real sellers in the talent grid, therefore the biggest deciding factor on who I eventually want to emblem up. That’s just me though :blush:


I’m giving Thoth my Sorcerer emblems on the sole fact that the Panther/Thoth combo is so good.

What does this mean?

It’s unclear to me what part doesn’t make sense to you, but let me give it a shot.

Thoth’s class is sorcerer.
Sorcerer’s have a skill called Delay.
Delay gives a chance to drop the mana generation of the enemy.
This can occur when Thoth makes his normal (slash) attack.
When he does this, if Delay occurs, we say the skill procs.
The skill can also proc when Thoth’s minions make their normal attack.

For example, imagine Thoth in defense. Every third turn he makes a normal attack, giving a chance for Delay to proc. But now imagine he has three minions up; those minions attack every turn. In that case, there are now TEN chances for Delay to proc in three turns (assuming the minions survive, but the point is he gets more chances to use the skill than most heroes in his class).


Minions attacks works as the borrower’s tiles.

If a sorcerer have minions they could proc their delay effect when attacking.


Thank you, helps a lot.

If you are just looking at sorcerer class, who would receive emblems among these four:
Mitsuko, Thoth, Ammeona, Cheshire Cat?

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My view is Mitsuko is the best of those. I’m not a fan of eithe Cat or Ghost Girl. Thoth needs a buff.

Still, we know there is hero rebalancing coming up in Version 20, which should be out next month. I’m inclined to wait and see what happens.


does anyone have video proof of a minion triggering delay?

I find it hard to imagine that a minion inherits the class and unlocked nodes of the hero creating it.
That would mean a druid thorn minion could summon another thorn minion.
Which I have seen no evidence of occurring in any raid I have been in yet.
That would also mean any minion created by Deliala could come back with 1hp repeatedly
Also that would mean the Queen of hearts minion would be able to use protect and gain 25% defense for 2 turns, but since minions never have a defense value that seems odd that it could gain it

So can anyone provide video proof of minions using talents

Knowing now that the Sorcerer skill does not stack with Natalya’s mana gen skill makes her less ideal to be given emblems, so I’d consider putting Thoth before her as well. Not confident in that though, because I still find Natalya’s SS way more valuable than Thoth’s, but now they’re fairly close at least. Still would be cool to have Natalya proc on other targets, while using her SS to cover whichever target doesn’t have delay. So idk, it could still work; I think she’d stay at #4. Lowered mana gen with an insane DOT is just too hard to pass up for someone who only gives a minion to himself (imo).

& Thinking about it some more, Mitsuko’s mana cut and delay would stack. So she may be the better first choice for sorcerer emblems after all.

It’s. Just. So. Hard. I love Lady Locke too much, but she may have to be #2. Ahh, it hurts my soul a little :sweat_smile: That attack stat and DOT are just- :heart_eyes:


No: only offensive procs could be activated by minions (barbarian, ranger, sorcerer, wizard) because they only act as a damaging tile when it comes to talents.


How would you rate the 4s since itll be forever until u max out a 5?

ok did the devs announce this somewhere or is there some evidence to this. I have not seen it happen, nor do I think it makes any sense for it to happen.

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I have definitely seen a Gravemaker minion create a Wound (1 HP/round!). I didnt video it. By extension, Thoth’s minions can Delay.


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