Top 5 heroes from each class to emblem all rarities

What are your personal top five heroes to put emblems on? I am allowing all rarities but I know some will just troll with the commons just because. But hey, I am in a laughing mood right now so have at it.

My fave in each class, that I have

Fighter - BT. Revive and extra defenses route, revives have won me more than one battle
Druid - Lepus. Given he is squishy but hits hard, going attack plus defense, and the quasi heal that minion offers is nice, though rare
Sorcerer - Mitsuko. Just cause she’s awesome, and you gotta love a little bit more mana control from the ability
Cleric - Rigard. Cause I take him everywhere
Barbarian - Grimm. The most attacky four star just got more attacky. With extra attack bleed is now meaningful at +18
Ranger - Triton. Fast hard hitter. Heal boost is good. Pierce is pretty weak though
Wizard - Proteus. Making him much more durable. Jinx is no good but I will live with it
Rogue - Khiona - my, my, my, woo, my Khiona. Sitting at +7. Dodge isn’t too bad either, but stats increases are better
Paladin - Justice. Very effective tank at plus 7. But now that Guin is maxed might find a new home for paladin emblems
Monk - Wilbur. Makes him very tough. I probably don’t use him enough

My favourite, by class

Fighter: Delilah. Revive + heal + minions. Nuff said.
Druid: Zim-kitty. Fast cleanse + attack buff + minions
Sorcerer: Morgan le Fay. Because I don’t have Mitsuko
Cleric: Mother North. Self explanatory.
Barbarian: Gravemaker. 2 different kinds of damage over time
Ranger: Athena. Because pierce really helps when she’s attacking someone with defense buffs or counterattack
Wizard: Sartana. She hits hard without Jinx, and harder with it.
Rogue: Khiona.
Paladin: Aegir. I can’t think of too many better class perks for a tank.
Monk: Tarlak. He’s on every titan team and usually the last one standing


Especially Mitsuko hey? I see what you’re up to :stuck_out_tongue:

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