Which green next?

I have:
Hansel, Cademon, Krashrek
Atomos 2/60, Gaderius 3/60
Elkanen, Melendor, Jack ohare, Gobbler, Skittleskull, Little John, a second Gaderius & Cademon.

Elkanen to me looks like a good one to up

Melendor or Little John.

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Probably Melendor but it depends on whether you like to be heavy on healers or hitters, personally I like hitters. But healers are handy for war and stacking, and Melendor’s second ability of debuffing is very handy. I still use mine almost every war


If you need a healer for war(i prefer to have at least 6 healers for war) then go mel

If you wanna beef up your titan hits a bit on blue titans then go lj

Lj is good for some other things as well but that’s his best use if you ask me

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As another thought, my next green train will be Jack O’Hare. I plan on pairing him with one of my Evelyn’s on attack, that should be deadly.

You have quite a few fun options there!


Thanks for the input everyone. I’ll start Mel. I didn’t know if it made more sense to keep leveling those I had already started or start a new. Mel’s been on my map anyhow. I really appreciate your time.

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