That roster is in a mess but I think not a garbage. Advices appreciated

Hello everybody.

Especially with respect to tutor order after my readings, hello to @FishDreams and @sWetsWet

I need some serious advices IMO because of my hush and struggle like a child to maybe stand up. I would like to ask for help of everybody in forums.

It’s been approximately 2 months I started playing a game whole my life either console, desktop or mobile. Unfortunately thanks to the pandemic and remote works…

I like to play E&P. I spent a little bucks for some gems, valor pass and event offers. For a newbie in games it’s not too much to spend a little I think. I decided to use VIP pass every month.

Below is my roster. I know it’s a bit late to ask but how should I act to relief this mess? Could you help me and especially my heroes please? Thanks now on.

With my best wishes,

Every 1 and 2* is Fodder. From your 3*s I would keep only 1 copy of each, maybe aside from Tyrum since his costume and natural form are both good…
For a rainbow team I would focus on training
Green: Melendor, Grevle then Buddy
Blue: Grimm, Valen then Kiril
Red: Scarlett then Kelile or Namahage
Yellow: Wu Kong, Bane then Uraeus
Purple: Proteus, Edd or Tyrum then Amatrine or Fura

A good 4* team is the best way to proceed at the begining, then some 3* so you have a team for certain challenge events and raid tournaments.


Back in the old days, when E&P was a decent game and most players were using well ballanced heroes, my advice to you would have been to work on a 3* team first, a 4* team then, build some power, enough to complete rare quest and fight decent titans and only later start working on your 5* heroes. No idea what a noob should do today, if the same pattern still aplies… What should you do? Quit before you become addicted, perhaps, save yourself lots and lots of frustration and money down the drain :wink:


I think the first order of buisness is set your priorities with heroes leveling and ascension. I see you are all over the place, trying to level up different 3* and 4* of one color at the same time. It’s important to know that you should level up one hero of each color before proceeding to the next one of the same color.

Also there is a trick with quicker leveling up and ascending costume heroes, which you may apply because that will save you a lot of time building your roster to at least three 3* or higher of each color, which is important. That trick is three simple steps:

  1. Level up your costumed hero to last ascension - level 1. Leave him there for now
  2. Level up the costume of that hero to the max, including the special ability
  3. Put the costume on and don’t remove it for the time being

This will give you the costumed version of the hero fully leveled and ascended, sadly if you ever want to use the non-costumed version for anything you’d either have to use it at level 1 max ascension or simply level him up completely at a later date.

Looking at your roster, this method of leveling is extremely helpful for several heroes: Bane, Hawkmoon, Turym, Kailani (sadly you already have her at level 24 last ascension), Renfeld, Karil, Friar Tuck.

The method is not helpful for heroes which you intend to use in non-costume form, like Valen for example.

I also assume that you don’t have the ascension mats to bring your 4* heroes to level 70. It would be nice to list all of your ascension materials needed for 4* heroes. If you are unfamiliar with which ones those are, here is the list: Compass, Fine Gloves, Warm Cape, Hidden Blade, Orb of Magic, Sturdy Shield, Trap Tools. It’s important to know how many of these you have before even starting making suggestions who to level first.

Assuming you have an insufficient number of those, first order of business for you is to assemble a team which can finish any of the rare quests that pop up each week or so. That is the place to find these rare materials needed for ascension of 4* and 5* heroes. They are absolutely a must to start completing as soon as possible.

To complete these rare quests up to the 3* ascension material any rainbow team would do, still for safety I’d recommend the following team (consider this an ASAP to level up priority in my book): Valen - cBane - cTurym - cHawkmoon - Grevle

If however you want to complete them fully to start stockpiling the rare ascension 4* mats needed later to ascend your 5* heroes fully then you have to have at least three leveled up and fully ascended 3* or 3/60 4* of each color. If you are unfamiliar, 3/60 refers to the ascension level of the hero (3, but they max out at 4) and current level (60, but they max out at 70). So a 3/60 4* hero basically can’t progress any further without a set of needed 3* ascension materials thus not being able to unlock his true potential and is only a bit above a 3*.

For titan hits (other nice place to find ascension materials) you will need Wu Kong added to almost any team, so yeah, ascend him, but second most important is Valen, since you need a defense debuffer like him alongside attack buffer like Wu Kong for maximized titan damage. Also, same as with last level rare quests, you will need three 3* or higher of each one color to be assemble versus titans accordingly to their color (i.e. green titans you should fight with three red ascended heroes, Valen and Wu Kong).

Same is true for raids, you will most of the time need to color stack (meaning, assembling several heroes of one color so that the tiles of that color hit much harder) to punch through the central defending hero (the tank of the team) because the AI of the defender receives unfair bonuses (like +20% defense of the whole team, enormous mana generation bonus, etc) in order to be able to compensate for the AI’s stupidity…unsuccessfully btw…

I see you leveled Prisca. Not worthy. I have her on a side account fully leveled and ascended and she is weak. Very weak. Best to go with 2* Turym + Renfeld instead.

From the heroes you already started leveling up I’d say finish Hawkmoon, then Kelile up to 3/60 , finish Wu Kong to 3/60, finish Grevle before finishing Caedmon to 3/60, finish definitely Proteus to 3/60, and finish Valen to max then Kiril to 3/60, these should be your starting priorities.

Just my 2 cents.


Oh yeah, almost forgot…for the time being, forget that 5* heroes ever exist. Even though several are in your roster and Uraeus is pretty strong, that is only true if you can ascend him at least once. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with him at 2/60, and there he’s not very helpful. In comparison, fully ascended costumed Bane is more helpful. 5* heroes are the worst thing that could happen to a new player.


@Rapisu, @Ian487, @rho and @Saros thanks for all your replies. (Reply of @Ian487 deserves a bracket :grinning:) uhm.

Costume trick is awesome @Saros

Color stack and 3* team, I will note all of your advices both @Saros and @Rapisu and @Ian487 and @rho’s only 2nd reply :grin:)

I fed Prisca for Tyrum costume just now. And costume is now at 3/7.

I will feed Graymane for Valen if you agree with me? @Saros

With my best wishes,

In my honest opinion, if you are in this game for the long haul, you need to treat it as a game of patience.
Think of it like you are running a full marathon rather than a 100m sprint.
So the first thing you need to do is develop 3 x 3 star rainbow (one of each colour) and then 3 x 4 star rainbow teams.
Max each hero in your six team and they will win you the mats to progress further.
Don’t bother about 5 star heroes until you have got six max teams.
If you spend money just do VIP and POV.
For your 3 star heroes focus on:
Red: Costume Hawkmoon, Sudri, Namahage
Blue: costume Karil, costume Ulmer, costume Gunner, costume valen
Yellow: costume Bane, Melia, Agnes
Green: Mnesseus , Grevle, Berden
Purple: costume Renfeld, costume Tyrum, Gill-Ra
For your 4 star heroes focus on:
Red: Scarlett and Kelile
Blue : Kiril, Grimm, Boril, Jott
Yellow: Wu Kong, Li Xiu
Green: Melendor, Kashhrek, Caedmon, costume Little John, Gadeirus
Purple: costume Rigard, Proteus, Fura, Ametrine

Level one hero of each colour at the same time. Always feed 10 feeders at a time. Try and use same colour feeders to match the hero colour.
All your 1 star and 2 star heroes, including trainers are feeders
Don’t forget to level your troops at the same time. For the time being take 3 star troops to level 9 and 4 star troops to level 11 (focus on mana troops where you can)

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I have Graymane fully leveled and ascended and yes, he’s weak. Seeing you have a bunch of other more powerful blue heroes, I’d say eat him.

Other thing I forgot to mention is that it’s nice to have additional copies of the stronger heroes you own, so for example don’t eat the Hawkmoon copies just yet. Another one is definitely worth leveling up with the costume trick. Unsure about number 3, I’d say not level her but not eat her either for the time being. You can ascend costume for the new one too.

Edit: Although come to think of it, second Hawkmoon is best used without costume.

Why? I mean, mid and late game when you aim to compete in Rare challenge events yes, but in the beginning he’s kinda meh. Weak. I’d say it’s Valen first and foremost, and then it’s the 4* Grimm and Jott, even if it’s only 3/60.

This line I saw a ton of and I am not convinced myself. Surely it saves food but after a certain point food is almost irrelevant. And in the beginning the roster is too small to wait for 10 2* one-color feeder heroes to assemble unless you want to spend gems to increase the size of it.

If you eat 10 2* on-color feeder heroes it gives you 40% special skill chance increase - but it’s nowhere near 100%, I’ve failed on this numerous times. Then again, if you eat 10 times a 2* feeder it gives you 10 times the 4% special skill increase chance. I don’t know what math says here, but what my experience tells me so far that the first option is no better than the second. Second one could even give multiple special skill increase for that 10 heroes whereas the first option only has one shot. Arguably a big one, 40%, but still only one shot.

I agree on Melendor - that should have been first - but he’s still a 1/1 whereas Caedmon is significantly leveled up, so I’d suggest completing him first instead. And frankly I am surprised to see Kashhrek so high in the list. That lizard is puny for what you need in the beginning, which is - heroes who hit hard and are preferably snipers. OK as a tank, but at 3/60 not so impressive, and certainly not worth ascending in the beginning looking at your other options.

Definitely cRigard, but he’s still at 1/1 whereas Proteus is almost at 3/60. So finishing Proteus first makes more sense.

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@JGE thanks for your advices for both of gameplay and especially about patience. I will note them.

Proteus was my early pull at AS and I have had many times to level him :grin: So Caedmon and Grimm were early pulls too. And Buddy at Christmas event as a BIG surprise :grin:

Btw I sadly recognized and realized that I have spent a little more than a little relatively. It can be a little for my budget but totally it’s unfair to spend like that. For this issue I firstly changed my payment method at store to make it difficult to spend. At that point I would like to thank @Ian487 very much again.

I will push the break a little more I think. I mean a big little more :blush:

Thanks everybody. I note every sentence here for my first game experience. And now I promise myself I won’t spend any more than VIP and if valuable VOP only. You know what? I think my passion to rising up suddenly open the way to be calm. Addiction will go far away from now on. Thanks everybody.

Last word, more advices to f2p maybe c2p but not p2p any more :roll_eyes: would be very appreciated.


There is a special topic for F2P players, you can look it up and ask for advice. You have a really strong start thanks to the money invested, those bought you a very nice 3* and 4* roster, with few essential heroes in there to boot like Proteus which are very hard obtainable if you are F2P or C2P. There are youtube videos uploaded just recently which may help you with the Rare quest issue for example - I don’t know who posted them, but sadly he uses Frosty, a premium 3* hero which is also hard to obtain, actually now it’s impossible until December. Still you can get the base idea from there.

Rare quests and challenge events are vital if you are F2P because they give you the ascension mats to fully level up your more powerful 4* heroes. For those to be possible you need some leveling up tricks, and the 10-feeder at a time even though saving some food is not the most important one. Here are the ones I think more useful:

Farm maps which cost less World Energy and have more recruits. Almost all maps arguably have the same chance to drop feeder (1* and 2*) heroes, so focusing on the cheaper ones means more of those. Premium amongst these is Season 1, Province 8, Map 7 (or 8-7).

Best map for harvesting 1* and 2* feeder heroes until recently for that was a Rare challenge event map 3, it cost only 1 WE. Hopefully it will be there the next challenge event as well. Even if there is a 2 WE map, it’s still worth harvesting for feeder heroes.

Indeed only feed on-color feeders to your heroes unless you are in a big of a hurry to level up and ascend an important hero, in which case give everything to him/her to get there faster.

Do not upgrade your training camps above level 11 as of yet. Use all of your training camps at level 11 to produce feeders at 2 hour time, 2 recruits 1000 food each (11th level training camp last option). And leave one training camp to do the 2nd option (Common and Uncommon heroes). For that you will need lots of backpacks. To gain lots of backpacks you need to reach Atlantis, since those are assembled slowly in Season 1. To do that you need to reach Province 15 of Season 1 within the next 2 weeks and to have a good enough rainbow team of 3* and a few 3/60 4* to be able to complete the 1st and 2nd map of Atlantis Province 1. 2nd map of the 1st province of Atlantis on Normal difficulty during the Atlantis Rises event - look up the calendar when it starts - will give you many backpacks. When you’re out of Backpacks, use the 1st option to train - with wooden swords - but that produces only common heroes which give far less XP.

Good luck and feel free to ask about advice always.

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@Saros thank you very much for advices. S1-21/6 and S2-10/7 on my maps now. I will upgrade TC to 11. SH is 16. Farms avg 11, mines avg 13, IS avg 13, FS avg 11 and WT 12 for now. I use mostly S1-7/4 for monsters, S1-8/7 and S1-13/6 sometimes.

My mats are below;

I will manage leveling and ascending heroes in roster by advices here. And mostly I will be patient. Thanks again @Saros and everybody.

Btw my some relieved roster is below;


To be honest, I suppose it’s down to your play style and hero skill preference.
For me when I first started playing, I joined a training alliance and their good advice was focus on your healers at 3* and 4* … you will always need healers no matter what level you are in the game for both events and tournaments

And for costume Karil - I personally use him in a blue stack for 3* events and 3* tournaments - he has helped me win a number of good battles

Ah, I see the mix-up here, you mistook Karil for Kiril, btw he doesn’t have a costume in this roster. And I neglected that he doesn’t actually have Karil at all. Otherwise it makes perfect sense to level Kiril up.

So what is your opinion about training with costumes? For example I have 3 Karil, 2 LJ bla bla costumes. Could I level costumes with this spare(?) costumes? Or should I?


Confused dot com…lol
The 4* blue hero I am talking about levelling is Kiril currently sat at 2/37 (healer with no costume)
The 3* blue hero I am talking about levelling is Karil currently sat at 1/03 (with costume)
Unless of course I need my eyes testing lol (I know I am getting old)

Ah so you DO have Karil. My eyes are playing tricks on me.

Yep, it’s a good idea to use your extra costumes to level up other costumes. You cannot eat the last copy anyway, even if it’s the most useless costume. If you use a second copy of a costume to level up the original one the xp will skyrocket so be careful not to overspend other feeders on it.

Karil, the bald 3* hammer hero (Not to be mixed with Kiril, the 4* with the beer in hand) is meh in the beginning of the game. Midgame can be used for competitive purposes in challenge events, but for that you’ll need to assemble much more resources and level up more. So you can keep three Karils.

Little John is poor man’s Proteus. Still, it’s probably good to have one copy of him leveled up later in the game. His costume is meh, but costumes still provide stat bonuses, and those are significant enough. But LJ will have to wait in my book. You still have powerful green heroes to level up and ascend first - Caedmon and Melendor.

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You only need to save one costume for each of the heroes.
You can use this single costume multiple times.
Your duplicate costumes can be used as feeders

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It’s important to feed costumes to exactly costume owner heroes I understood. Thanks a lot both of you :blush:


In costume FAQ here at Q5 it says " Note again that the COSTUME cannot go past the BASE HERO ascension… To max out a costume, the base hero must be fully ascended first, which costs the usual amount" and I got stuck at Hawkmoon costume. Did I miss something or costume trick fails? Thanks now on.


As I previously said, to use this trick, the original hero must be fully ascended. But not fully leveled! You can leave the hero at last ascension, level 1. Here is an example with my own Turym although I started leveling him a bit and he’s at 14, last ascension. But the idea is the same.

As you can see, I can switch freely between the two versions by pressing the equip button. When it’s yellow, that version of the hero is active.

Costume bonus is active for both versions - also shown, despite the fact that it hides other info a bit.

As you can see, the original even doesn’t have his special skill maxed out. And yet when he puts on the costume, he’s all powered up and ready to go.

Edit: The costume of Tyrum has been leveled up and fully ascended, which takes far less time than leveling the original.

Edit: After you ascend the hero to last ascension tick, level 1, you equip the costume and start leveling and ascending the costume to max. Which saves you the time and feeders to bring the original hero from level 1 last ascension to level 50 last ascension. Also, if you are unable to remove the costume from the hero via the Equip button, it’s a bug and you should contact support.

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