My Hero Roster - PLEASE HELP!

These are my heroes… I’m new and would like an expert advice on which ones to use to create best offensive and defensive teams. Let’s assume all heroes are level 1 (obviously I’ll level and ascend them in time), just need to know who you’d use and in which order (position) to make the teams. Thank you so much everyone…

Your roster is 58 and there is only 1 screen shot !

The rest are 3, 2 and 1 star heroes… not important. I want to concentrate on 4 star heroes for now

i personaly loved boral and simatomo for counter spell
for missions pvp and war and there is your blue and red also great for titans let titans kill em self those two up asap in the right order then that will give you enough time to move on up to other pets

Do you have a leveled 3* team?

Ok then
First of all you need a rainbow 4☆ team before even think in up any 5☆ hero.
Lets start with defence
Rigard Grim BoldTusk Proteus Gadeirus
You can replace Wilbur in place of Gadeirus

No, I do not. I’m just starting out, spent some $ and ended up with those 4 star guys… gonna work on 4* team right away

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Jedon, thank you for your suggestion. I appreciate it very much

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