That roster is in a mess but I think not a garbage. Advices appreciated

That’s my hero I am talking about and I can switch to equip costume or not. I have no problem with this. I think I missunderstood the special skills thing. I tried to fully level and ascended special skill 8 Hawkmoon to talent and it says the last picture note. Did I miss something about talent grid? Or it’s the time to level up any other fire hero that we all discussed before? Thanks for your very sudden feedback and assisting @Saros

Oh, that. No. Sadly that is the bad thing with this trick. You can’t use emblems in the talent grid. Not unless you level the original hero as well. Basically emblems can’t be put on a costume. Only on a fully ascended hero.

But yes, it is time to switch to another hero. Forget about emblems. Hawkmoon isn’t really the best target for cleric emblems. There are better heroes to emblem, I see Boril in your roster. Best save your cleric emblems until you ascend him fully and then go for additional defense and health, you won’t be disappointed.

Emblems are a thing to consider for 4* - at least a F2P should think that way. 3* could be emblemed as well, but much much later until you have a large stockpile of emblems.

Just go on and level up another red. Kelile for example.

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Yep I clearly understood now :sweat_smile: Now time for Kelile because she is a little ascended and not 1/1. Thanks @Saros :pray:t3:


Hello everybody. I have a new question. May I feed the troops when count above 5 for one type? I mean for example I have 6x3* reanimated fighters troops. May I feed one to level another one?


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