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Who should I spend my tonics on? I know the argument is between Kingston and Telluria. Also, could use darts on either Sif or Malosi?

I’d go Kingston in your shoes to pair with Eve. Nasty.

Telluria is probably the best defence tank in the game and a useful delaying tactic on attack.

Kingston is an excellent sniper.

Which is more useful to you?
You already have several great tanks and a couple of tactical hero’s in other colours, but you also have some good snipers in other colours.

I’d probably lean towards Kingston in your position, but neither is a bad choice.

Kingston to pair with Eve, also I’ve seen enough Telluria lately to last me a while.

You have a Holy Sniper already (Joon), so I’d go for Sif for variety and support.

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My main concern is war depth. I could not care less about my trophies. Looking through my nature hero’s, I don’t have any real flank/tanks which is why I was leaning Telly. Our alliance likes to match tank and one flank, which is why having the depth helps. Seems like everyone is leaning more Kingston though. Sif just seems kind of fun imo over Malosi, but Malosi almost negates Telly’s strengths which is seeming more and more useful.

Also should note, I have emblems for Telly and really not many for Kingston.

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