Future Raid and War Defense team with Telly at tank. Need advice on who to put where out of who I got

Okay, I am kind of planning ahead rn as I am dead set on putting Telly at tank. I need some help deciding who to put on flank and wings.

Here is my roster on my main:


Okay, that is everyone. Fire away!!

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Don’t build your roster for defence specifically… Build for attacking utility (it gets you more mats) first and build a defence from where that gets you.

Unless you’ve got another six tonics waiting (having recently spent them on Kingston, I see!), it may not even be worth working on her straight away…
Even if you do - finish Kingston first.


I second bubbles and would add that you could consider ignoring 5* for now and max out at least three 3* and 4* heroes per color. once you have enough mats to max out three 5* of each color, you’ll have yourself a nice army and a lot more clarity on which 5* to use

the last thing you want are a ton of incomplete 5* heroes waiting on materials because they cannot be used in 3 and 4* tournaments or challenges and they are also not useful for 5* tournaments or challenges.

that said kingston is awesome, well done on your green 5*'collecting to date.

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I will answer your specific question with:

Sonya Wilbur Telluria Jackal Proteus

You have a lot of strong heroes, purple in particular, so a case could be made for Tiburtus or Rigard.

That said, I agree you should max Kingston first.

Good luck!

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@BubblesUK I recently got one or two more (gotta check), so the next stack has started. Kingston is at 4-60, and I am trying to get a TC 19 up and running to pump out as many feeders as possible to get Kingston to 80 faster.

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gPan Sonya Telly Elena Goatie

Sonyas costume would be nice.

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@Olmor Sadly, that costume is on my 1st alt. :cry::cry::cry:

Feeding a 5* from 4-60 to 4-80 with all color 1* from TC19 is quite expensive, you will need >5.000.000 hams within a few hours.
I would recommend using TC2, takes only about 5 days and half the hams.

Anyway, while building a deep roster (30 maxed 4* and 5*), I would recommend strictly in color feeding, it gains you +20% XP for your patience.

Regarding choice of Heroes, I agree to the other answers.


@Sh3r1ff I currently have 2 TC 11s and a TC 20 running right now. My 4th TC is my flex. I am pondering whether to do the regular nature TC to generate the greens (gonna save the 2 stars for Kingston and feed the 1s to the 3 stars I am leveling). Cause I have a main team I level and then the three stars.

TC 1 - best resource-xp ratio.
Never do elemental training.
Feed 1* up to say lvl 50 and 2* above, no matter what color.

19 is way too expensive. Use it to produce ready to eat feeders to wait for the next project, if you have lots of recruits and ham to burn. You just need it if you have 100s of days in 20 to get ham. You can get rid of the recruits by adding trainings to the TC2 queue.

Best imo is one 20 as bank, a 1 for feeders, a 2 for more feeders and an 11 to swap around.

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@Olmor I am just using TC 20 to get the vanilla 5 stars I do not have (which is pretty much all of them except Quintus, Leonidas, and Elkanen). Along with the missing 4 stars. Which I think is about one or two left. Gotta check the vanilla roster.