Telluria vs Zeline

Hey guys, I am blessed to have amassed a pretty good roster. But as we know in this game, mats are hard to come by, so I need your help.
Here’s my current team and it keeps me me in mid diamond even with 3/70 BK

Now here’s my questions:

  • from my complete roster what my ultimate defense team (regardless of level)?
    -Who should I ascend first telluria zeline or Kingston ?

I would do Kingston only because you don’t appear to have any maxed snipers (although your Lianna may be maxed and that’s just the unleveled costume).

You already have 3 of the most solid tanks in diamond with Ursena, Black Knight, Guinevere so Telluria doesn’t make too much sense right now.


It’s depend.
Telluria if u need tank
Zeline if u need debuffer
Kingston if u need sniper.

But for me personally because of the usefulness, zeline is the queen

It’s going to be hard to replace alby in that line up though. But you do need some speed. Two AoE’s in urs and vela… so I’d go Kingston if you’re set on keeping them… not to mention zel and guin will fight for emblems.


Center: Alby Blacky Telly
Wings: Drake & Vela

Telly is just too good to go for anybody else now. Later on you may put Zeline on flank for Alby to get

Drake Zeli Blacky Telly Vela

I’d go telluria for tank. Vela as flank. She shines against red stacks. Ursena/Drake flank. I’m still not sure on the wings. Great roster btw.

I am currently using Ursena tank/Drake flank now for war D

I just think telluria is crazy good. Mionions, damage, life regen and that mana slow down is just a killer combo for a tank. Plus she/he is a paladin. Ursena is my current tank as well but i hope i get telluria and move ursena as flank.

So you guys think Telluria before Zeline? Lol

I think it depends on your needs.