Roster after telluria

So here is my question. I can now upgrade telluria, but my question is do I take all emblems off Frida and drop them on tel? I will show my current lineup and what I think my best lineup would look like with tel. I hate not having a rainbow, but I got to leave Kingston in there. What you guys think or what would you do?Screenshot_20200622-142057

I would personally spend the tonics on Zeline instead - everywhere except defence tank, she’s the superior hero… And I wouldn’t advise picking ascensions for defence until you’ve got a lot of maxed 5*.

(I also wouldn’t put two greens in like that anyway unless you were baiting reds with Vela to punish them… If Kingston must stay then there’s no place for Telly anyway).

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What other blues do you have? I robbed my +19 Frida for Telly and I don’t regret it but I also have Vela so it made way more sense for me. That’s a really tough call since you already have BK and as the other post said, Zeline.

Here is my entire roster


I really don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction but I have to agree with bubbles. You don’t have another hero that has great synergy with Telly to warrant bringing her up. But that’s just my opinion and I will absolutely defer to anyone with better insight than my own. Maybe BK and Telly? I would wait for someone with a better or more reliable opinion than me. I do, however wish you great success with whomever you choose.

What sucks is our alliance is green tanks in wars and about half have tel as their tank and we have been doing work. Kingston is kind of a â– â– â– â–  tank and I get blasted pr

Ugh. That’s a really tough call man. I don’t envy you. You could just bring up Telly and leave her without emblems and try some different things on your raid defense… I know wars and raids are different and tonics are damn near impossible to come by. And that would defeat the purpose of asking for help in the first place… But I use Telly on offense too and she’s still a solid hero.

Problem is…
Doubling up the tank colour is extremely rarely anything other than a huge mistake - without Vela, you don’t want to encourage attackers to bring reds, so if Telly goes in, Kingston has to come out.

If Frida is handing over emblems (I really wouldn’t take them off a useful attacking hero for a hero that’s primarily defensive now - I don’t rate Telly on offense any more, if I could take tonics back I’d do it in a flash) then you’ll want another blue… But your other blue is also a paladin so that’s no better.


Honestly, at the risk of sounding like a broken record: build for offense.

You’ll be more useful to your alliance by improving your attacking capabilities to score more points yourself than by improving your defence further…

I’d give the tonics to Zeline all day long - you will never regret maxing her.

Telly-Kingston combo isn’t optimal, but far from a disaster. I run this defense since February and maintain 2600-2700 cups easy.

Rest of the team is Ursena, Zim and Joon. Troops maxed apart from the second green.

Telluria gives 10% crit to Kingston while he gives her mana boost.

Of course if the opponent has a red board, you’re screwed. But you’re screwed anyway with or without Kingston.

Oh and once in a while, you wake up to this. Probably a bad night for red tiles, right?


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So should I keep Kingston on defense or switch Kingston with zeline on my defense? Problem with switching zeline is I would have to take me emblems off sartana and probably move her out of my defense and replace with domitia

With Knight as my tank, I sometimes wake up to that. I usually stay between 2600 and 2700

I’d keep Kingston emblemed and on defence - he’s worthy of your emblems in his own right.

Zeline doesn’t necessarily need to be heavily emblemed to be a valuable addition to your attacking arsenal - obviously she would benefit, but she’s not useless without by any means.