What's my ultimate defense team?

My current Def team is:
Kingston +10 / Ariel +11 / Ursena +11 / Gravemaker +15 / Joon +13

These guys were MY GUYS, and have been great for me - kept me around 2600 cups since I finally assembled this maxed team a few months ago.

Then came Telluria, who kicked my front door down, and threw all of my priorities out of whack.
As my alliance is switching to green tanks, I am currently focus feeding Telluria and she will ultimately take poor, obsolete Ares’ emblems.

Outside of the heroes I have mentioned, here are my other 5* maxed options:
Guardian Gazelle +4
Athena +11
Alberich +9
Ares +9
Black Knight

Here are the 5* I can max (one of each color):
Purple: Freya
Yellow: Inari, Norns, Justice, Leonidas
Blue: Vela, Perseus, Costume Richard, Magni
Green: Mother North, Heimdall, Costume Lianna, Elkanen, Kadilen, Horghall
Red: Grazul, Mitsuko, J. Francois, Red Hood, Captain Kestrel

As with creating any great defense team, it’s a delicate balance between my secret OCD desire to go Rainbow, while still mixing my classes so I can maximize their emblem talents. If I shoehorn in Telluria, is it a good idea to drop Kingston, one of the best heroes in the best class? Noting that I am open to reallocating emblems, my initial thought was something like:

Ursena / Black Knight / Telluria / Vela / Joon

But is it wise to have Urs at wing? Do I dump Ariel off my squad and lose the Atlantis bonus with Ursena? Do I play Freya as my Druid over Vela and have minion madness? Dang, I wish I had Sartana as I have like 900 wizard emblems to burn.

Any advice welcome.

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The heroes that appear the most at the moment are:
Finley - Gravemaker - Telluria - Vela - Drake Fong
This team capitalize on Telluria’s ability to slow down attacker’s responses to DoT and to finish them with the huge direct damage of Finley and Drake Fong.

You already have 3 of them: Gravemaker, Telluria and Vela.
If you want to run Black Knight and remove your Barbarian emblems from Gravemaker you could want to run the defense you wrote yourself:

But I would suggest you to run instead this one:
Gravemaker - Ursena - Telluria - Vela - Joon


I was just figuring out some things and then you got above reply. Exactly what I came up with.

Gravemaker - Ursena - Telluria - Vela - Joon.

If it does not matter to you to have two of the same color (concerning troops) I have an even better combination:

Kingston - Gravemaker - Telluria - Vela - Joon.

If you are worried about a red stack against the last DEF team, don’t be. Vela will kill them all :wink:

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unless they have mitsuko lol


She is slower than Vela, so hope for the best… :joy::joy:

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It’s unfortunate that guardian gazelle can’t squeeze in there she’s so awesome. But, Joon looks better. It’s been painful for me to pull Kingston out, as he’s been a fantastic wing on defense. But, unfortunately, he’s got to go for you (and me) as well.

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GG in your defence team is a kind of liabiliy, because in my humble opinion this is a hero that you need to be able to “control”, specially because one of her specials: “If the caster dies, the dancer receives 100% damage and their mana is reduced by 100%”

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