Telluria tank users, strip emblems off Alby for Vela?

Hello all,

I have my Telly almost maxed, and I also have a GM+18 and a maxed Vela without emblems. All my druid emblems are on Alby+18. I plan to switch to the curent def meta with gm telly vela.

  • I wonder if any of you stripped emblems off Alby for Vela
  • I use Alby in my raid attack team, I will of course test it soon, but wonder if attacking with Telly instead of Alby could have a similar efficiency (i know no revive, but faster speed and slower mana gain on enemy)

I will do some testing myself and leaning towards keeping alby on +18 and just conitinuing now with giving next emblems to Vela, but would like to hear your opinions/experiences.

(and of course i think it would be a terrible waste of invested food/iron into a great hero as alby just to take it away, but of course having the currently strongest defense is tempting)

Thank you


I also have the same problem. Alby+11, and will continue…
I give Vela+1 only for chance thorn minions.

Currently I do not care so much in defense, as long as stay in diamond. So in my case I will still give emblem to Alby, even my Vela is also in my defense.

But I know, later I will also curious to create stronger defense lineup. My Telly is not yet maxed (at 4.43), and my tank is Ursena. I like experiment and switch defense.

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You won’t want Alby on your Telluria defence.

The question is… How much do you use Alby on attack?

If he’s vital to you in attack, don’t strip him.
TBH though, with Telluria providing delay to attackers and healing over time to your team, you may find Alby less vital on attack than you might have in the past…

Either way, prioritize offense - your defence will hold more than enough already even without big emblems on Vela.


It might be the strongest defense available, but diamond raiding is becoming very boring.

Why do you want the trophies anyway? Does it really make difference?

I am putting emblems on Vela from here on, but not stripping Lepus, because I enjoy using him. If you enjoy using Alby, which is fundamentally the idea in a game, then leave them there.

Cups are pointless in my view. Do what makes you happy. If you want a Vela at +18, then go for it, but personally I wouldn’t bother


Exactly that is my expectation as well. Of course I dont want both in defense, I prefer rainbow def. And though I really loved my Alby for the longest time, as I am getting stronger I run into less situations where it is his revive that saves me. Also it is often unreliable. Once Telly is maxed and I give her emblems, I will try attacking with her in Albys place and see how it works.

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That’s pretty much the question - if you’re just as happy with Telluria in there instead of Alby then it’ll make sense to strip because Vela will be a useful offensive tool as well as a defensive one (but it’ll be wasteful to strip if you’re going to use both).

It sounds like your instincts are spot on to me - play it through and go with your gut, you won’t be wrong :+1::+1:


Thank you Infinite, partially I agree with you, on the other hand my ego likes me on high cups :slight_smile:

Anyway this is not only about raid def, war def is more important and since half of my alliance got Telly and are maxing her, we plan to switch to green tanks.

Ah well, you didn’t mention that. Wars are probably going to go the same way as diamond raiding at high level then … :joy: . I know my team are probably moving to green tanks soon, I personally just need one more tonic for Telly, but as you might have guessed, Vela can sit at +2 for now, I will see how she goes

I have a funny view that when you run a Vela flank in you kind of want to double green, to force the red stack that Vela then eats alive, but that probably only counts in raiding. The bigger issue in war is resisting off colour mono

But if your team runs coordinated flanks to your tank, and are thinking red/green/blue as seems to be the meta now, then a heavily emblemed Vela will be very effective there


I hope not… Starting to see one or two teams like that against us, but I’m happily dawdling along with a good bunch and helping them improve :slight_smile:


Yeah we are ranked about 200 at the moment, so I think we will be coming into the danger zone if we keep winning :dizzy_face:


I stripped Alby and gave them to Vela.

100% worth it. My defense just got me to #2 and has held me there for 30+ minutes.

Alby is still useful, and actually good. I still use him on my auto farm team and he does great.


Yes we coordinate flank colors currently as well, so red-green-blue in the middle may make off color mono a bit less effective in average

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Personally, I’m enjoying raiding that Telly/Vela combo with a green 3 and another colour for the two… Using my own Telly, plus Locke and Lianna is working well - delay, cleanse and heavy heavy DoT and hefty stab. :tada:

Equally… I can see people with Zim rolling a red stack and holding the cleanse, even if taking Grazul to resist…
Sadly Zim has eluded me (can’t complain, love my reds)

Well… instead of Kuncheon, Guinevere, and Aegir on defense, now I see Telluria, Telluria, Telluria. Seriously, am I the only one without?

The only reason why I’m interested in being in Diamond is to collect the wins for the Path of Valor. Otherwise, I don’t really care.

I’ve been considering the same thing. I have +11 on Alberich. I want to put more emblems on Vela, but i use Alberich a lot. My plan is to max mother north when i get two more tonics. Then I can change out Alberich with Mother North since I have the emblems for her. After that, i can strip Alberich and give the emblems to Vela

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I pulled mine from Alby and couldn’t be happier!! With Telluria, I don’t use Alby except for wars so makes sense

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