Vela or Richard tank + emblem distribution (Telluria also in play)

Hello everyone,

This morning I have asked to a bunch of players what their thoughts are on Vela as alliance war tank. We say she would do fine. Our alliance is currently at #7513 on the leaderboard. We use blue tanks.

I would like to read some more thoughts on this situation.

Currently I am using these heroes in my alliance war defense team: Vela - Kingston - Richard - Marjana - Joon

I have almost maxed Telluria and would love to use her in my defense and alliance war defense team.

Should I reset Richard’s emblems and give them Telluria and use Vela as war tank?


Should I split emblems between Richard and Telluria and keep using Richard as war tank?

My initial thoughts say I should reset Richard’s emblems, give them to Telluria and use Vela as tank, because:

  • This allows me to use Telluria as tank in my normal defense, along with Vela and Jean Francois flanks.
  • I no longer have to run double blue if I want to use Vela with Richard as alliance war tank.
  • Vela and Telluria will keep receiving emblems, because they are part of my titan team as well.
  • Vela her minion spawn talent could help her survive a little longer as tank, despite that Paladin Richard is obviously the more damage absorbing tank.
  • With the meta shifting to fast and very fast heroes, a fast blue tank in alliance wars might be more useful.

However, my alliance war defense team is more important to me than my normal defense team. I’m fine with any trophy count, as long as I can open my raid chest in diamond league. Richard’s defensive stats do give me doubts about all of this.

With above thoughts in mind I would come up with this war team:

Joon, Telluria - Vela - Jean Francois - Kingston

What are your thoughts on this situation? Also any help regarding war team setup is appreciated.

Other 5* heroes are:

Elkanen 3/70
Unleveled Malosi, Kadilen, Khagan & Horghall

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Hi TomV93!

Id say that Richard would still be the better tank but looking at your war team as whole you would greatly benefit from a healer as sturdy as Telluria, so I would suggest your toughts and empower Telluria and Vela.
Your Joon - Telluria - Vela - Jean-François - Kingston team seems very good :slight_smile:


No no no… please make the split or lanscape available on iOS please… not fair! :angry:

OK, back to topic,… I agree with @FraVit93.

In my honest opinion, if you are going with blue tanks for the war. Then I would play Vela flanked by Telluria and Jean- Francois
Good luck

Thank you! I appreciate your responses. I’m happy they came so fast, because war is about to start tomorrow. Time to prepare! :+1:

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There’s several ways of looking at this…

In isolation, Richard is a far better tank - better tank stats, better tank class.
And in general, Richard is a good tank and Vela isn’t particularly - every time I’ve raided against her at tank she’s been irrelevant.

At fast, Vela is likely to fire against a bad board or an off colour stack.
So unless you’re up against high level alliances with deep green benches, it could work.

Honestly though, even if you strip back all Richards emblems for Telluria… We’re talking about Vela+4 vs Richard+0.
I know I’d far rather face that Vela.

Now if you were stripping back Gadeirus for Vela too then that might change things…

But if we’re asking about:
Joon - Telly - Richard/Vela - JF - Kingston
I’d put Richard+0 in there over Vela+4.

You’re absolutely right! Why did I not think of this! :man_facepalming:

Gadeirus is only part of 1 alliance war attack and my titan team. I can replace Gadeirus with Telluria on my titan team and use a bear or dragon banner to still have the attack boost.

Thank you!

If you’re doing that then I’d go with Vela :+1:

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You’ll get +crit too with Telly.

But minions will slow it down a smidge.