Alby or Vela... Class Questions

Have Alby+18 and Vela+4, should I strip Alby and take Vela to +19/20?
War defense would potentially be
Finley+20 GM+20 Tell+18 Vela Jabberwock+18

This might seem obvious but I don’t think it’ll make such a noticeable difference. War defense currently averages 2 hits to die.

Mainly I love using Alby on raids, I don’t really use Vela cept for war defense and farming.

I’ve stripped Alasie and Kunchen previously to do Finley, 2 C Rigards+18 and Ariel+14 with no regrets but that’s also because I don’t really use either vs Tell teams.

Have another dilemma, do I strip Guin? If so, who gets the wizard blems? JF, Hel?

Yes to stripping Alby for Vela. Imo heroes in your defense should get 100% of your emblems. I find Alby too slow for current meta. :confused:

Also, I’d strip Guin for Hel. If you use JF on offense, give him some emblems too. I assume you don’t use Guin on offense? :slight_smile:

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