Which green in my defense Kingston heimdall Ratatoskr or telluria

So 17 emblems Kingston…

I pulled Telluria - obvious no
I pulled Ratatoskr - dunno
I pulled heimdall - dunno

Kingston is great, Heimdall is great too but slow, Ratatoskr can disturb mono green… what would be your choise :smiley:

And I only got 11 Tonics… so many choices :rofl:

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I wouldn’t change your defense, but I would 100% ascend Telly and Heim.

BTW, not sure why you have listed Telly as an obvious no.


Green hero… looks like excelent tank but having Kunchen… lol

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Yeah, I wouldn’t put any of them on your def over Kingston.

That being said, I think Kunchen is over hyped and I would personally rather tank Telly or Heim.

Lol rata first, great heroe against titan, looking his deck he is on par with 14 or close

If they attack you with mono green, they are doing things wrong to begin with…

I would keep Kingston if you want to keep the tank.

I actually built an alternate D team when I finished Tell and have been running that.

It’s been a couple weeks and I have a feeling if I did any sort of research the new team with Tell is holding better.

Now, I just drew Heimdall. I may try the same with another alternate D.

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