Telluria or Ratatoskr?

In my team I have Queen of Hearts, Richard, Grimble, costume Viveca and Ratatoskr. I got Telluria and have her leveled up as same as Ratatoskr, 60/2. So I’m wondering If my team needs Telluria more than Ratatoskr.

5* I have Magni, 2x costume Joon, Justice, 3x Jean - Francois, Azlar, Marjana, costume Isrania, Horghall, and Atomos.

4* costume Melendor 2x, costume Rigard 3x, Grimm 2x, Captain of Diamonds, Sumle, Sumitomo, Sonya, Mist, Kashhrek, Peters, Skittleskull, Boldtusk, Cyprian, Colen, Caedmon, Gormek, Li Xiu, Brynhild.

I’m wondering If I can build up better team? Any suggestions?

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From the list, it would be easier to advise if you share with us what you have currently maxed and those that are not.

Ratatoskr 60/2, Telluria 60/2, Richard 8/3, Grimble 60/2, Viveca 60/2, Queen of Hearts 1/3, Joon 60/2, Magni 10/2, Justice 38/2, Jean - Francois 1/2.

And 4* Sabina 22/2, Rigard 50/2, Wu Kong 6/3, Mist 8/2, Kashhrek 11/2, Grimm 2/2.

I think people are going to come and start telling you to level up your 4-star heroes first.

And get them to max, instead of having it all spread out like that and you still can’t do anything like complete challenge events or going through map stages.


Those others are leveled because I didn’t have 5* heroes 3 months ago. I only level my main team heroes. I just asked, who I choose, Telluria or Ratatoskr in my team? :smiley:

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People are still going to tell you to level your 4 star heroes first.


Telluria for nearly everthing, best tank too or flank. Shes the total package imo. only reason to level ratatoskr is for legendary challenge events where green is first choice, havent seen one so far. No one will ever regret maxing Telluria as long as earth keeps turning :slightly_smiling_face:


People are telling a lot of things, by that logic 3stars should go first. I prefered getting a compettive defense ready first. :fox_face:

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Oh, thank you so much for your constructive response! :slight_smile: I will keep leveling up Telluria. She’s a beast :smiley:

Do I need Viveca if I have Telluria? Is is smarter to replace her with Joon?

Imo yes, vivica is too slow and Telluria does it all anyway at average speed and great defense/health she probably gets her chance to fire. What would your defense look like with Telluria?

Queen of Hearts, Grimble, Richard, Joon and Telluria!

then i would go grimble-richard-telluria-queen-joon from left to right, richard and grimble as first canditates when all you have maxed for JF, even mist or brynhild if you emblem them and depending on your alliance war tank color decisions. Be happy to have the queen, she is risen in value due to all those telluria tanks emerging. I already have a telluria killer mono team that works fine, zim (to clean that stuff the usual flanks, gravy and vela bring on)-Queen-Red hood- Bt-JF :slightly_smiling_face:

Gueen is so good! At first I wanted Alice, but when I dicovered her abilities and skills, I’m glad I got her instead of Alice. Thank you so much for great tips! :slight_smile:

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