Telluria or Lianna for green mono

Hey guys, here is my green mono

And here is my secondary green mono

I got my 6th tonic today so i need to start planning my green ascension.

Lianna would replace caedmon. Caedmon is heavily emblemed and has almost the same stats as fully ascended lianna, he obviously lacks the punch.

Telluria would replace melendor. Hot instead of instant heal and dispel, but caedmon has that and she also gives a nice mana slow.

Who would you ascend to put into primary green mono? Lianna would bring more firepower, not sure if enough to be able to kill 2 enemies with just her and elkanen (usually i fire eve, then kingston, then elk to kill the one kingston hit with splash damage and to soften the primary target, caedmon then finishes softened target).

Telluria would bring more utility than mel, but mel is not bad when fully emblemed and he is one node away from being able to charge in 9 tiles effectively bringing him to fast and has better attack stat.

In a vacuum i would go lianna, no doubt, but i have a green fast sniper in Kingston, making this much harder

Offense is my only concern and telluria being a great tank is not a factor in this decision. I do have freya 4 trap tools away from final ascension, could make a nice
war cleanup team with tell, if thats a factor. Lianna is lianna. She could bring extra kick for green mono challenge events. Better than telluria probably?
Any feedback appreciated

In my honest opinion, I would ascend Telluria, put emblems on her and use her in Tank position.
Good luck


Elk and Caed can stay at home for Telly and Lia or move on to your 2nd squad.

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@JGE said exactly what I would have said.

Good on you.

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They will both go up at some point. Atm i have to decide which will go first. Telly or lianna.

Telly now for being the best green until several counters will be released.


When you say tank you mean central on offense ? Because defense is not a priority for me at all, its more about which one brings more on offense in this particular stack :slight_smile:

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I feel like there are essentially counter heroes available already, but you have to focus telluria down with your choices.

If you mean, “Wait until a hero shows up that actually counters everything telluria does now”? Then I misunderstood.

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Left wing, left flank, tank, right flank, right wing

Typically this is how people talk about positions.


I know, i just wanted to make sure since i stated in op defense is not something i care about. :slight_smile: but thanks for the input of course

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My apologies then. If you dont need defense, max Lianna… shes the best sniper

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Sorry, I was meaning central (tank) hero on defence. But if you are only looking at attack - then as @Tetsaiga has said - go with Lianna

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Depend on playstyle, so for me IMO I bring at least one healer. Brynhild is only heal nearbly not so effective like Melendor. So instead 2nd Melendor, Telluria is better.
But then your 2nd green team does not have any great hitter.
Team one hitter combo Evelyn - Elkannen is best.
So maybe like this:

  1. Melendor - Evelyn - Elkanen - Little John - Caedmon
  2. Telluria - Buddy - Brynhild - Kingston - any other green or Lianna 3.70
    Next, we can also swap Melendor with Telluria, if we need 1 dispeller on each attack for 2x AW attack.
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@jinbatsu yeah, if i consider both teams i think telluria might give a bit more survivability and flexibility for AW.
i do want to up my primary mono since i use that team for raids and maybe challenge events.

i mean, i can see the case for both of them and probably wont go wrong with either, i want to be happy with my choice since it will have to work while i wait for the next 6 tonics.

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I got Lianna just before I got Telly and went for Telly. I don’t regreat it a bit.
I’ve put Telluria in my defense and she’s doing wonderful, but she does great on offense, too. I mostly raid 3-2 either Telly, Kingstone and Tarlak or just Telly and King and 3 of other color. She really adds durability to any of my combos(too bad he doesn’t cleanse too, lol). I can even say that since I maxed him, i can count the times I’ve lost on offense to like 50W and less than 10L – of course I’m not raiding +4.5k defs most of the time. For what I see you already have a solid attack team but missing that durability that Telly can bring at average; Melendor is kinda squishy and not very reliable.
P.s. did I mention I love my Telly?

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I really like having a dispell available on my team and so to that end I’d probably look to replace avg mel with telluria, instead of replacing fast caedmon with lianna. Telluria’s also no competition for emblems on your main team, unlike evelyn/lianna

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Exactly. Both will be maxed at some point. You’ve got some snipe between caed and Lianna… I’d go telly first. If you had mel’s Costume, I may have sung a different tune.

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Thanks guys i really appreciate the input! I will have telly at 3.70 in a few days and will take her to a few test runs to help make the decision easier. So far i have to admit im leaning toward telly a bit more

As someone who uses Eve and Lianna on raids together all the time, and currently has Telly waiting at 3/70, I have fantastic news.

It is impossible to get this decision wrong.

With Lianna, you get a one two punch that kills almost anything.

With Telly you get a Swiss Army knife of lovely abilities including a hit which is made more meaningful by Evelyn

It’s all good news really, but I would probably go Telly as you already have Kingston


@Infinite please be the one to bring all of my news from now on! :smiley:

But yeah, im thinking the same thing more or less :slight_smile:

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