Help with green 5* ascension

Green is my weakest colour but i have enough tonics (10) and shields (15) to max a 5*. Right now i have these :

Kashhrek 4/70 + 2
Hansel 4/70 + 3
Melendor 4/70 + 2
Melendor 4/70 + 12
Peters 4/70 + 1
Caedmon 4/70 + 10
Buddy 4/70 + 1
Gadeirus 4/70
Evelyn 4/80 + 1
Lianna 4/80 + 5 + costume

Elkanen 3/70
Evelyn 1/1
Lianna 1/1
Morgan 1/1
Atomos 1/1
Margaret 1/1
Kadilen 1/1
Skittleskull 1/32
Buddy 1/13
Gobbler 1/1
Caedmon 1/1
Little John 1/1
Melendor 1/1

Would like to hear your suggestions. I have Black Knight / Ursena as tank but still hoping to get Telluria.


I’d say wait and see if you get Telluria. If not, I’d go Lianna x2. Fast snipers are always a good choice.


I agree, wait to see if you get the HOTM (Telluria) and if not focus on Lianna.
Good luck

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i would say: Telluria if you get her… otherwise 2nd Lianna…

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Morgan Le Fay. Morgan just shines in offense and defense and I am biased as she is my favorite hero, but she is just awesome all around.

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Evelyn for sure. An elemental debuffer that also removes ememy buffs can wreak havoc on your enemie, especially blue ones.


+1 for Eve.
Eve followed by Lia - R.I.P.


Dilemma…actually i like Morgan very much, been wanting her and finally got her. I have thought of having another pair of Evelyn / Lianna maxed but prefer variety.

If only i have Lady Of The Lake…on the other hand Telluria looks like an amazing tank.

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2nd eve you mean? he already has 1 maxed… i would rather do 2nd lianna before i would do 2nd eve…


Okay, then Morgan…

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As you already have Eve and costumed Lianna, I would wait till this month is over to see if tou can catch Telluria. If not, it really is between two heroes (or would be for me), Morgan or Kadilen.

Nobody seems to appreciate Kadi, but she is very nice addition when using other AOE-heroes. Send her to field with BT, Wilbur, Anz and Eve and enjoy those tickles your opponent heroes hits you meanwhile you sweep them out of existence.

Morgan is a star, I love her in offence and defense. She can be last lady standing and just refuses to die.

Of cource you can also ascend sedond Evelyn or Lianna, but hey… it really gets boring, doesn’t it :slight_smile:


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