Green mono

I need opinions on green mono team
Current setup:
Telluria +10

I have options to upgrade another Kadilen/cKadilen or Elkanen.
Also i dont have evelyn or almur.
Q1: So Elkanen or another Kadilen or wait?
Q2: Emblems hansel or elkanen first?

I have been holding back from giving emblems to Buddy, love him but if i go with Elkanen or Kadilen ill have really nice almost full fast team (telluria gets 23 mana troop).
Thank you in advance.

No costume caedmon?..

caedmon yes, costume no. I do use him but thats situational.

Hmm. I emblemed Hansel for my green mono and didn’t regret it but I don’t have the options you do. Seeing that elk isn’t on your defense, maybe it would be beneficial to work Hansel in an effort to make him last longer. :woman_shrugging:

I have perfected my red mono, great synergy, few more emblems and that entire team will have full emblems.
Yellow mono is also awesome, not yet at level where I want them but really useful, only 2 heroes with emblems.
Now I have so many issues with this green team. With almur and evelyn all of my concerns would be resolved, but the way I have it now it just drives me crazy since this team has good potential and i dont want to make costly mistakes.
Blue and purple are still hopeless (just got raffaele so that improved a bit).

Show me ze way

What’s your yellow mono?

Think I’d squat on the tonics btw


I think your green team lacks of sniper. I would replace Buddy by Lianna for example, which is fairly obtainable through TC20 with patience.

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In wars, I use a mono yellow team of

Onatel - Poseidon - Joon - Poseidon - Vivica


Yellow have many good heroes. I also love my yellow mono team. The core of it is made of Guardian Jackal, Yellow Rabbit and Joon. I call these 3 the trio of death. When I go mono yellow, I also add Mist and Malosi.

Having fast/ heroes for mono stack is really a need, since the puzzle may be poor in tiles of the color you need.

hey rigs, my yellow mono:
delilah +17, guardian jackal +20, joon, leonidas, second joon or vivica depending on enemy.

monk emblems went to wilbur but ill start soon with joon
3-4 tiles usually resolve tank, jackal and joon 1-2 kill whatever i think is most dangerous, leonidas keeps mana of third enemy under control or finishes tank if needed
if i think ill need dispel i use viv if not joon all the way

musashi, drake and yellow rabbit are on my wishlist
ideal team in my opinion would be delilah, jackal, white rabbit, malosi and any of the musash/drake/joon/leonidas
being F2P im really satisfied with this config, delilah is cornerstone of my team since her heal and minions provide survivability till next charge

red team wilbur +20, falcon +20 , zim +16, anzogh +18, guardian kong +18
this team killed so many telluria tanks :slight_smile: (it takes really really bad board to lose with this team)
i dont have snipers on this team but i dont need them when kong fires its like 5 snipers, makes me chuckle everytime. also this team works even if one or two of them are killed

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explains this:

Very clearly lol, wish i had her. Stupid viv…

she now gets also 23 mana troop so fires faster, and i have one mana 8 on jackal and one spare mana 6 if i ever get malosi

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now back to my green team i dont have lianna (nor sartana my tc-s simply do not produce snipers easily)

im looking for team synergy and i will sit on my tonics for some time and at same time ill sit on buddy and elkanen emblems, ill will go forward with hansel emblems. zim anyway took emblems from kadilen

almur or evelyn would resolve all of my concerns, wish me luck


IMHO… It’s a combination of a couple of things.

Lacking serious special skill damage (whether that’s a Lianna/Kingston snipe, or a Locke/Morgan DoT) is part of it.

The other part is tile damage… Telly and Buddy are very low attack stats, good heroes but they’re contributing very little compared to your Delilah, Joon, Jackal, Vivica etc in your yellow stack.

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