Team Ten: Let's Get Ready to Rumbleeeeeeeeeeeee!

Team Ten is looking for like-minded players that like to play and win. Join Team Ten today!

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:pizza:The Skinny
We like ascension materials and our goal is to get a full roster of players so we can steadily take down 11* titans and above. We believe in teamwork and our strong team friendships make Team Ten a great alliance to belong to.

:face_with_monocle:The Details:

-Assist the team by killing Titans. Use atleast one titan attack in the first 11 hours (if you have a busy schedule), but ask that use all of your titan attacks as soon as you can and try to not sit on 3/3 titan attacks.

-If you check participate in wars, must use all your attacks. Because midweeks are hectic, we have free hit War Wednesdays. For Weekend Wars, we follow a posted war strategy with team surge.

-Line Available and Encouraged but NOT required.

-1400 trophy requirement.



-Worldwide. Our alliance consists of English speaking players from across the globe.

-We are taking down 10*-11* titans regularly

-Our players range from Level 28 to Level 65.

-Diverse group of pay-to-play, cheap-to-play and free-to-play players.

-Team Ten is our flagship alliance for the Team Ten Family of Alliances. (If you are looking for chill game play…Check out Team Nine our Training Alliance)

-No drama :sunglasses:

-We expect participation, but we are also real people that work, have families and understand that life outside the game happens.


Interested?! Contact the leader of Team Ten on Line. NCArcticwolf

Or join Team Ten and get your game on!

Interesting in joining? Have a few friends that want to merge into Team Ten with you?

:crossed_swords: Check out Team Ten today! :crossed_swords:

Tired of HA10 giving you another S1 5*? Check out Team Ten…:slight_smile:

Fresh off of another war win…Are you looking for an active team? Because we are looking for you. Check out Team Ten today!

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Are you looking for a solid alliance? Team Ten

As team leader I am proud of our alliance members. Another war victory against a stout team. 100% flag utilization. Bamb!

Check out Team Ten today!

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Caring leadership and just a nice group of people. Bumpity bump bump bump.


You’re the best Sarah! Hope you can come visit again soon :heart:


GET SOME! Another war victory…you want to be a member of a smooth functioning team with dedicated players and stable leadership.

Team Ten

Check us out today :wink:

Bump, bump…another war win. 100% flag utilization… Think of us as a top tier alliance that needs players…Could be you!

Check out Team Ten today!

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Great win, great strategy, great leadership, and, best of all, great friends :heart:


Looking for a couple of good players…we r a solid alliance that believes in 100% flag usage… currently taking out 11* titans…

Check Team Ten out today!

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Another awesome war win! We have one spot open. Join us :crossed_swords:

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Hey i have a lower trophy score then the one required is that ok? will i still be accepted? if not I understand

They do have a sister alliance with no minimum trophy requirement, that you’d be welcome to join. Search Team Nine.

uhh but I also sometimes get my phone taken away although I would tell the when it happens and I wont be active

Team ten are all active daily players, so…

…probably won’t work.

Check out Team nine instead perhaps :thinking:

GL in your E&P journey :smile:

do u have to be active in Team Nine?

Team Nine


-Assist the team by attacking Titans.

Expectations of Team Nine

-3 days of inactivity or 3 missed Titans in a row may result in being removed.

-If you check participate in wars, we do ask you use all your attacks.

-Zero trophy requirement/Open group

@BattleBornVirago / @NCArcticwolf

if i tell u guys I will be inactive cuz my phone is being taken away will I get kicked>

Communication is most important, leadership is very understanding. Just make sure to opt out of wars.