The 7empest wants YOU! 10-11* Titans

What we lack in fancy forum graphics we make up for with active players. There are several multi-generational families who participate; English is our primary language, but we are an international alliance with players from the UK, Australia, Brazil, Myanmar, Poland, and the US. The expectation is that every flag is used in war and titans are hit when you are online - players who don’t fulfill the expectations will be and have been booted.

Come check us out!

Also Canada, Sweden and Belarus

Just had two players retire from the game. Check us out if you want a friendly, active alliance.

Room for one more active player.

Roll up, roll up, new slot available. Family friendly alliance. Generally, just a nice place to be to kick back and relax; unless you’re Nineblade Jr.

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Two spots open! Lots of family groups! Come with yours or come solo!

Germany! Well just me but nevertheless :slight_smile:

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Lets not forget Sweden and Belarus!

120 Harpoon Hits

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We have Discord, leadership uses Line and some people use
Nothing is required but expanding “out of the game” is a possibility with us too.

mari gabung dengan kami aliansi SaNG AdiPaTi…aliansi baru dibuat.kita berjuang bersama sama…salam hangat

Sorry please reply in English

If you have a spot, I’ll come knocking after war/titan finish tomorrow

We still do - you’re absolutely welcome!

Fantastic, looking forward to seeing you!

Cool. I’m on a walkabout and enjoy meeting new people while we smash titans!

Great name! Ha, look forward to you joining us

Just have one opening left. We are what we say in the post. Check us out

Was a great time with you @PooFlingerJr.
Good luck on your way traveler. Looking forward to see you again some day.

Thanks for having me @N.o.X y’all are good people!

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