Team Ten: Let's Get Ready to Rumbleeeeeeeeeeeee!

oh yeah im always out of wars no matter what alliance im in

how many members are in Team Nine as of now?

Feel free to search in game…

umm so I dont exactly have a way to play the game rn bc my phone has been taken away but I will def join u guys when I get it bac u guys seem like the only alliance who will accept me

You can actually join any open alliance that doesn’t have a required trophy count. I’ve tagged @NCArcticwolf who is the alliance leader.

I’m assuming you’re new to the game and its good to be surrounded by helpful people. These guys are.

its rlly hard to find one like that tho I’ve been looking through all the alliance ppl asking for new members

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Kudos to you @Awesome09 for persevering!

im not exactly new per say but i just don’t have that many trophies and my team is like only in the 2000s im a level 30

OK then… Team Nine would help you I’m sure.

yep just lookin for a chill alliance where they will accept it if I say my phone is being taken away

You can join when you get your phone back… No problem. :wink:

thx but it seems like u r all over the place like in almost every single alliance thing I’ve checked u r there

Too funny. :rofl::joy::rofl:

GL in your E&P journey.

lol thx u too hope to see u in some alliances

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