(Alliance)10 strong!. Uncle Sam wants you!

Ok here’s the gig pretty simple. I’ve been w a band of folks for just over a year -CandyVan.
Everyone has lives, families to take care of etc, so they don’t demand much.

Currently looking for anyone who is active daily or a MERGER :restroom:
:arrow_up_small: Must hit the titan , as this is our main focus ( getting better loots from higher titans )

:arrow_up_small: War is optional , but if you play you must use your flags . It’s only fair.

:arrow_up_small:I have line app/discord but the alliance doesn’t use it… everything is posted in game .
Discord id: Boxx

:arrow_up_small:Everyone is an adult AFAIK, and has families so expect a mature crowd. Personally, I see some groups looking for a chatty bunch of 18+ so they can socialize and have fun… do that in real life . We just wanna play, have fun and kick titan butt and Hi5* after 🙋

:arrow_up_small: Currently 19/30 members , with members TP ranging from 2300 - 4100. ( Only 3 members the new guys are in the 2k TP range, rest are well above 3k)
73k alliance score
41k titan score
180k war score

I’m just doing this to see if anyone is interested.

Personally I don’t care if anyone is new but would rather some seasoned players .

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You guys sound like a great fit, except we’re 20 strong, so we were hoping to pick up up to 10 players. Bummer, because your philosophy sounds like ours.

But if you want to grab 10 of yours and Check us out for a while, you’re welcome to!

We are 20 strong too. Part of the Xtreme family - Panda (#1 several times), Fear (T50-100), Ninja Cub (breaking T100), Vengeance (our next quest to break 100) and Unicorn (Training). Check us out if interested. 10 spots currently.

It would be difficult to split the group , even if we cut a few we will still be 15 strong …

But thanks guys. Will just mellow and chill and whatever happens in future I’ll be good with .

@Midnite what’s w being in top 100?
I mean what’s the difference in game…
I suspect full participation of members for War and titans… probably 10* titans ++

Everyone in the alliance w 3500TP and 2400 cups , but anything else that brings?

Realistically nothing :slight_smile: but practically, easier to recruit experienced players so you can keep up with titans etc. Progressing in the game is a lot about ascension items. So the more chests you can open, the more chances you get. So anything to help keep opening titan and war chests help.

It also attracts a bit more competitive players which matter to some.

Yeah, we noticed on more than one occasion we’ve gotten rare ascension items from regular 8* titans, and also the war chest loot in particular has been good, so we want to kill titans and win wars to that end. That being said, we have fun coming up with new tactics to get crazy titan scores, or improve our war battles, but it’s not like some of these groups where everyone must attack at a specific time or if you don’t get 5 titan hits in, you’re in trouble.

We too are looking to merge with another alliance like ourselves, which it seems you are.
We are mostly US based but have some players in other countries.
We do not communicate outside of here. Some players not comfortable with it.
We are an alliance that puts things to a vote and divides responsibility. We all offer help and tips.
We are looking to grow but want to have fun along the way.
We are Soul Leechers Check us out.

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I think it sounds good. But your alliance is more than 11 members needed (14 ). I would not want you to cut anyone , unless those are inactive .

I’ll take a look at who participates consistently.

Justab0x https://discord.gg/XXQg48c

Hi have you found an alliance to merge with yet?
We are still interested, only 12 now. Let me know if interested in talking further.

Nopes . Still same ol as before . I’ll head on discord in a few minutes if you are still around :+1:

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