4-5 players looking for an alliance to fight +- 10* titans

I want to start up an alliance that can do 10* and hopefully higher titans + active at alliance wars.

Pref players with 2500 cups + in average. defending team at around 3900-4000. can accept lower too

comment if you are interrested to join this journey!

With so many good alliances out there already hitting 10*, may I gently enquire why you wish to create a new one, rather than join an existing one?

No sarcasm, I’m genuinely curious. And good luck on your journey! :slight_smile:


I have a couple of friends that also will join :slight_smile: and its not many alliances that does over 10* titans with space for 5 players ^^ thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

It will be easier to find an alliance that hunts 9-10* and with you 5 to take it to next level 10-11* than finding 15-20 people with your requirements that wanna waste probably at least 1 month of possible good 4* am.

the only main downside is that you wont call the shots aka you wont be the leader,.

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You’d be surprised.

You may also wish to cross pollinate by looking in the game’s AR and 20+ rooms, or in Line; there are at least three rooms dedicated to helping folks find good homes. Let me know if you need an invite. Just tag me: @Rook. :slight_smile:


@Rook yes please :slight_smile: i would like to take a look :smiley:

You will need the Line App (App Store or google play); then add me…

ID: chibipotato16

Let me know you are looking for all three recruitment Line groups. (I won’t lnow your ID name unless it’s the same.) :slight_smile:

You might also consider revising this thread or redoing it: New thread stating you and 4 other players are looking for a home that kills 10*+ titans. :wink:

Line id: jrigs

4 alliances with 5th on the way

1 is already 10/11*
2nd will be soon(currently 8/9*)

We went 4 for 4 this week in war

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