Team power?

Hey guys, I got a question. I know this may sound stupid, but how do come up with hero power? I’ve been playing this game for over 2 years and I still don’t know anything about this game. Don’t know anything about classes, power, etc. My strategy in this game is look at tank and match up tank killer mono team. It’s been working don’t get me wrong, Im just so ignorant about this whole game.

I know I can ask a lot of dumb@$$ questions, I just don’t understand this game. Crazy how someone can drop money into something when they have no clue what’s actually going on.

How in the hell is sartana weaker them quintess? This is sartana vs my quintess. How is sartana that much weaker in team power? She has more emblems them him and they are the same season. Is it because of the costume bonus? I know his stats are a lot better, but I still don’t get it.

There is a thread somewhere. People analyzed how TP derive from base stats and how emblems count into that.

Anyway, very early in that game I learned to ignore TP, IMO they are only confusing.

Power is just a visual number which should make comparison easier. It essentially is an indicator of:

Attack+Defense+Hitpoints+Special Skill but all weighted differently.

Costume+Emblems add stats and therefore the overall power is way higher then those of event-heroes for example but it does not say anything about the real powerlevel and synergies.

Stats are better due to the costume bonus. Costume bonus on a 5-star is worth about 9 emblems in hero power. Full costume bonus is worth about 7 emblems for 4-star heroes, and 5 emblems for 3-star heroes

Thanks for all the replys guys.

Searching the forum leads me to this treasure


Oh, for crying out loud, you beat me to it!

Exactly. The costume bonus is percentage based so you get the most out 5*. You will get approx ~40 strength for full costume bonus. One emblem level is exactly 5 strength. So you can consider the costume bonus like 8 free emblem levels on 5*.
That’s huge.

Please see & continue discussion on the thread linked by @Sh3r1ff made by @Kerridoc

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