Really need some guidance from the experts!

Ok so I’m at the point where I’m about to start ascending my second round of 5* to final tier and I’d like some advice from the experts. The first round was all about what my best option at the time was but now I actually have choices.

My current def/main team is as follows


I put all of my emblems on onatel instead of Sartana (they’re both wizards) since she’s tanking. I do okay but I know I can upgrade.

I’m ultimately one 4* ascension item from being able to level as second 5* of each color and I need to know who.

The only person I know I’m keeping in team 1 is alby. Everything else is up for discussion. Here are my options and my thoughts on it.

Red - anzogh or mitsuko
Blue - isarina, Richard or thorn
Purple - G Panther or Seshat
Yellow - Leonidas, Joon or Justice.

Here’s what my gut is telling me and I want to know if I’m wrong.

For red level mitsuko… But she doesn’t replace marjana for main te.
For blue I’m torn between isarina or Richard but whomever I chose will be my new tank for my main team. My gut says Richard because he has a faster special, good def and hits like a truck.

Purple is my greatest dilemma. My gut says g Panther over seshat bcuz of the debuff but I don’t think either of these two replace Sartana on my main team?

Yellow seems easy. Joon. He’ll replace onatel in main team.

So when it’s all said and done my main team would look like this


I feel like thats a pretty solid set up and a ton of dmg output. Plus every hero has a different emblem.

im no expert, but i have mitsuko on my 1st team. she is amazing in raid and wars, i just love her. i will totally pick mitsuko over anzogh. i can’t say about the other choices coz i dont have some of those heroes. gl

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Hi! In this game everyone must have their priorities. So do I. Usually I try to ascend such heroes that are really versatile and by that I mean you can use them in most situations successfully. According to this I’d choose the followings:

  • Mitsuko - she is great, unique, exceptionally good in some of the tournaments also in offensive raids her mana burn is huge. Also keep in mind, she is a sorcerer - one of the best sorcerer heroes imho.
  • For blue I’d go for Isarnia. Richard is pretty tanky, yeah, but Isarnia (mainly if talented) can destroy your titans (all of them), can be a gamechanger eeeeasily in raids, great in tournaments. Based on def. team I wouldn’t ascend anything since that’s the most passive part of the game and you literally don’t win anything by performing well in your defense.
  • Purple’d be the easiest for me. Not only caz’ I love Panther and I find elemental def. reduction the best skill in the game, but also the fact that a Panther + Sartana combo gives you much more than having two purple snipers. Plus let’s not forget about cleanse from Panther’s part which is also a big deal!
  • As you say, yellow is easy, Joon. Joon & Joon. :wink:

Hope I could help!


For defence team if u are wanting a blue tank ide stick with frida, isarnia is a glass cannon and if she is on defense belongs on the wing, Richard is an OK tank, not great not bad.
I wouldn’t shy away from seshat although u do have a purple sniper in sartana who is awesome so ide go panther especially for titans.
Mitsuko is great on defense especially if u are clever with her placement so easy her over anzogh. And yeh csnt go wrong with the ol Joon :slight_smile:

Red - Mitsuko
Blue - Isarnia
Purple - Panther and no one else
Yellow - Joon (Leo is also possible)

You placed all your emblems on Onatel, why replace her with a weaker Joon?
Richard is solid but strikes no fear if he ain’t your tank (even at tank he is good but not great).

My recommendation:

Albi - Panther - Onatel - Marjana - Isarnia

Skills fire from left to right as you would have known:
Albi - revive / heal / mana up
Panther - hits 3 / dispels 3 / color debuff
Onatel - tough tank with emblems (nuff said)
Marjana - tough sniper and even tougher with rogue emblems
Isarnia - finisher

Why Leo? - he is a one man army at end raids but would not be first choice to many
Why not Seshat? - dispels and possibly better at defense but Panther has more utility on offense

Mitsuko - underrated tank (many have forgotten her stats)


Another view for your dark heroes. I suggest you max Seshat and have G.Panther at 3/70 (she is already decently usable at that level though I don’t have her… YET) while waiting for the required materials for her final ascension. Why? The current meta is still heavily defended by Guinevere tanks, and Seshat is the only hero not affected by her skill thus allowing her mana to wipe Guin tanks out. Seshat at 4/80 is at her optimum. With 3/70 G.Panther, 4/80 Sartana, 4/80 Seshat, it may be a sureball to kill 2 heroes per turn. Now it is up to you whether these 3 dark ladies will be run mono (adding Tiburtus and Rigard), or 3-2 set up, or a 3-1-1.

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One more vote for Mitsuko, Isarnia, Panther and Joon.

You did well, Onatel is very strong and more useful than Sartana.

Anzogh pairs well with Isarnia, Mitsuko pairs well with Onatel.
Isarnia seems the best choice for overall usage, Richard is better for defense.
G. Panther is the best choice for overall usage, Seshat is your best choice for PvP areas.
Joon comes first, Leonidas is subpar when compared to Onatel and Justice isn’t a great hero.

Your best defending team would be:
Alberich(druid) - Richard(paladin) - Mitsuko(sorcerer) - Onatel(wizard) - Seshat(ranger)

But… you have Frida. Well, G. Panther is a cooler Frida and she would greatly improve your killing power when paired with Sartana (it’s hard to keep her alive at 3.70) and Isarnia is one of the best heroes for PvE.

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I’d actually sit on your blue 5 star unless you land Miki , Magni or Missandra, but Isa is the one to ascend of the ones you have if you’re in a rush for a 2nd blue.
Mits would be a better tank options then Isa flanked by Onatel .

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