Good day heroes!

My name is Tucker, and obviously I’m quite new around these parts. Just wanted to stop by and say a friendly hello to you all.

I’d also like to ask some advice from some veterans of the game. I seem to be stuck on Province 22 Level 7 (Elite level). No matter what I do, or how many battle items I have, I simply can not overcome it. I’ve been at it for over a week. I thought I had a pretty good team, but I’m thinking now it’s not lol. Here, have a look…image

Welcome @TuckerBoom

Do you have another yellow?

Just checking, as you mention you’re new(ish), that you know about strong and weak colours?

Sorry if it’s very obvious, but I would suggest dropping Cyprian, and swapping him for a yellow of similar level, if possible.

Who else do you have?

Also, try leaving one monster and charge up your specials before moving on to the next wave.

Hiya @JonahTheBard! Thanks for the reply. I do have some other characters, but they aren’t levelled. I’ve kind of put all my eggs in one basket (probably not the best course of action; hindsight and all lol). My current team feels really powerful once combos start flying and my mana is up, however, getting all that mana for my powers feels like a very slow process. Seems like my team is slow to start, but shines in the long run. It’s just with that particular level, I can’t reach that long run point before the enemies destroy me lol. Here’s my other characters:image

See what you mean - lot’s of potential there.

If your team is slow to start can you produce mana potions?

Are you in an alliance and fighting titans?

Wu Kong is ideal for titans but can be a really good ‘hail mary’ shot at difficult levels.

Those are some great heroes!

The question about ‘do you have other yellows’ is because if an enemy is purple/dark then yellow/holy does double damage to it, while it’s own color (dark) does half damage. It is often a good practice to build your team to counter the enemy, rather than just aim to outmatch them by strength alone.

I ran into a road block far before you did. I’m currently plugging my way through Province 13… mostly because I’m working on developing a team of 3* heroes before I move on to my new, shiny 4* guys. That said, I’ve had to sit back and not progress for about a week or so myself. What have I done in the meantime? Built up my base, collected ascension materials, and leveled up heroes so I can progress further.

The best way to acquire rare ascension materials is through those wanted chests that pop up so regularly, killing titans, and winning alliance wars… but both Alliance Wars and Titans require that you’re a part of an alliance. Honestly, it’s these wars and titans that form a lot of the focus of more end-game players. They’re pretty core to the E&P experience and will help you through these times of non-progression on Map progress.

To answer the precise question: According to the E&P Data Bible stage 22:7 is 100% purple. All enemies and all bosses are dark. Because of this, you will want to field as close to an all-holy team as possible. Even if they’re unleveled, try out this team and see how well they perform:

Kiril - Wu Kong - Justice - Li Xiu - Chao

It probably won’t win, but if you get a good board, your tile damage will be kinda insane and it’ll definitely show the value of countering your opponent! :slight_smile:

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