Max All 3-star team

Anyone know what the max team power for an all 3-star team could potentially reach with all five heroes emblemed to 20 on the Talent Grid and with maxed 4-star troops? There’s a Facebook user, who contends that their 5-star mid-level team (probably more than 3500 tp but less than 4000 tp) was beaten by an all 3-star team at 3500 team power, and I’m not so sure that an all 3-star team can reach that kind of power.

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With fully emblemed and costumed 3* with fully maxed troops I dont think you would be able to reach 3500. Besides there is no way to know what team an opponent used to beat yours so that FB user cant make that claim


That’s a very good point. I think they’re full of crap personally.

In the rare tournaments there are +100 teams around 3K TP with 2* troops. I think with 5 epic troops @lvl30 a good rare team could reach 3.3K.

Maybe more, but not much with costumes and the new rares having nice stats.

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The team power increase from a Level 8 2-star troop to a Level 15 4-star troop is only 27 points. I figured all max troops would sit MAYBE at 3100-3200? Most of the people playing the Raid Tournament right now at the top of the leaderboard are still sitting just south of 2900 with 2-star troops.

Lvl 30 4* troops bring 70 points each.
(How to calculate team power, including troops!)

Highest 3* is costumed Hawkmoon with 468, unemblemed.
(Costumed Hero Card Values Release 1 - Original, Unequipped, Equipped)

Emblems put 5 TP each, that’s 100 for node 20.
(Emblem/Talent Grid power addition to hero card power?)

5 Hawkmoons, with maxed costume and fully emblemed would bring 568 TP + 70 for the troop = 638 * 5 = 3190.
That would be the max possible TP for 3* heroes, what’s still far below 3,5 k.

I hope, this is correct…


Cool! Thank you for this.

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