Team help -


What team would you guys use for
and what positions
in the christmas event i’m stuck in advanced lvl 18
What is my best team for this lvl, ( telescope is worth the effort ;))

magni, Boril, valen , gunnar ,gato , greymane , karil

3x gormek :confused: , Kelile, hawkmoon, nasgar, azar, namahage, rudolph, jahangir

Little John, isshtak , carver , brienne , belith, friar tuck, berden, muggy, mnesseus

Inari, Chao, Hu Tao, bane, gan ju, dawa, kailani

Proteus prisca, balthazar, vlad, tyrum , chochin, oberon, Gill ra, renfeld

What color should i make next gem pulls?




Disclaimer - following is my advice and opinions :slight_smile:

I’m going to assume that the heroes you’ve listed are at max ascension? Would be helpful if you posted screenshots of your roster so people can tell for sure :slight_smile:

Raid Defence
Proteus - Inari - Boril - Little John - Kelile

Raid Offence
Will depend largely on who the enemy is. I’d suggest running 3-2 in terms of colour stacking.
3 would be strong against the enemy tank, 2 strong against one of the flanks & neutral to the tank.

X-mas advice
Check this thread.

Again, Id suggest 3-2 stacking against the bosses.

3 reds, 2 Blue.
Gormek, Kelile, Gormek, Magni and Boril.

Second gormek may be swapped for hawkmoon so you got some healing but she’s a bit soft compared to second G.


With Proteus, you can bring tons of mana pots, and simply never let the bosses specials go off. The poison damage takes them down quickly. No 4 or 5* healer is going to hurt - maybe take Hawkmoon along w/ Proteus. Gormek for the def down, Inari because she’s your only 5… then Magni for good hits.

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i added the roster,
as you can see, i don’t have them all on high lvls, but the question makes my priority list

Coolies :slight_smile:

I’d still suggest a similar raid defence team.

In terms of where to spend your gems next, I’d advise waiting untilt the event in January. It’s the Guardians event and features both Guardian Jackal and Guardian Panther and Guardian Falcon. All three are elemental debuffers who are very very very handy to have!

In terms of the priority in levelling, I’d take both Magni and Inari to 3/70 then leave them be. Focus on your 4* heroes and building depth.

5* is the end game level of play. 4* is where most of your depth and strength will lie.

So in saying that I advise prioritising:
Yellow - Inari to 2/60 then Chao to 4/70 then Hu Tao
Purple - finish Proteus to 4/70, then Gil-Ra and chochin.
Blue - boril to max
Green - Little John to 4/70, then muggy then Mnessus
Red - gormek 1 to 4/70, Kelile to 4/70 then Rudolph and Namahage.

I’m guessing you’re pretty early on in the EnP journey so I’d advise running a TC13 to get more 3* and a chance at 4* heroes. Then when you can, run one TC20 to get a chance at 5* and 4* heroes. This will keep building depth.


im playing +/- 4 months now. tc13 is running all the time.
so the “luck” i had for getting 2 5*'s isn’t that good now, i need to focus on a solid 4* team.

on the TC side,
Nr1 is running, the TC4 all the time
Nr2 is running TC13 all the time
Nr3 is running TC1 or 2 when i have resources to spend.

castle is 1day before lvl16

S1 is finished
S2 is 13 ep 5 on normal atm, On advanced still on the first episode.

Pvp wise,
i try to get around 1000, not higher, ( weak defence) to do the quests.
until i have higher lvl heroes, i think i wil keep it this way :slight_smile:

I would suggest running the tw other TCs at TC11.

Save your resources for the moment until you’re more advanced and can use them towards 5* heroes.

Tc11 is faster and only slightly more expensive than TC4.

Im a bit further in the game.
How should i continue?

What defence team?
Offence team.

Lvling focus?

My general advice:

So levelling focus I’d get some more 4* heroes to max before worrying too much on the 5" heroes.

Defence team will struggle a little bit as there isn’t much which is finished…

Maybe try:
Caedmon -> Vela -> Gormek -> Proteus -> Magni

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