Raid tournament teams (no red)

I always struggle to set a good defense team for the tournament. If there are no reds, then greens should be powerful, right? But although I try to follow that rule, my team gets beaten too many times - C grade in defense is a success, in offense I reached last day maybe 3 times (including the first bugged tournament edition), so I’m often over top 10%… Here’s my def (and probably also off in most of the attacks as well) team for the upcoming raid tournament:

So as you can see I have only fast green heroes. Is it a good choice among what I have (see below)?

My heroes inventory:
Mother North +9
Isarnia +8
Joon +8
Khagan +7
Aeron 4/80
Magni 4/50
Bold Tusk +19 (822 def)
Sonya +19 (803 def)
Skittleskull +19
Danzaburo +15
Little John +9
Melendor +19
Leonidas 3/70
Vivica 3/50
Kadilen 3/70

Other maxed 4*: Kiril, Boril, Tiburtus, Wilbur, Wu Kong, Colen, Kelile, Hansel, Gadeirus, Rigard, Caedmon, Sabina, Chao, Li Xiu

Hi @MaybeeGamee, you topic falls under the official thread of this week’s tournament.

Anyway, you did well with a heavy green team but I would put heroes as your maxed Magni and Joon instead of unleveled 5* heroes and Little John as your tank, even if he isn’t a great tank, instead of a 3.69 Kadilen.

I would suggest you this for example:

Caedmon - Magni - Little John - Hansel - Joon

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