Help me best use my emblems

I am finally going to take emblems seriously and I want to make the best use of them. I have between 300 and 620 for each class available(more if I reset some of my already used ones, say 100 to 300). I would like to use them to improve my raid and war defense teams along with making those heroes better for my normally mono color offense teams. My defense team has been Seshat - Vivica - Thorne - Elkanen - Marjana but that has a Cleric conflict with Vivica and Elkanen. I am going to trade in Kadilen for Elkanen to fix that and maintain a rainbow team.

Below are class by class my choices (except Sorcerer, I don’t have a great option). Please let me know if I am making a mistake or if there is something I should keep in mind.

other option is Gormek

other options are Elkanen +2, Costume Rigard +8, Grazul eventually, not fully ascended

other options Melendor +8 and Caedmon

Costume Boldtusk
other options Magni or Elena eventually, not fully ascended

other options Li Xiu +7 and Wu Kong +3

other options Sonya or Guardian Falcon(almost fully leveled)

other option Buddy

Marjana +1
other options Kelile +7 or Domitia/Peters/Scarlett eventually not fully ascended

No great option, I have Ameonna and Sabina, Skittleskull is not fully ascended

Kiril +8
other option Kashrek

With these I will be improving fairly evenly across colors Blue x3, Yellow x2, Red x2, Purple x2, Green x1

What do you think?

Hiya, so I’ll put down MY opinions & what I would do.

Barbarian -> All to grimm. Probably switch & put some on Gormek when Grimm is +15

Cleric -> I would take Rigard to +15 minimum. After that head back to Vivica (better option then Elk IMO)

Druid -> I would put some more on Melendor & Caedmon, +12 or +15 before worrying about Kadilen

Fighter -> Yup BT is boss as! between Magni & Elena I would go with whoever is on your defence team (probably Magni)

Monk -> I would give Wu Kong a bunch more… Especially seeing as you don’t have any of the other Titan Damage Boosters, he is going to be long term useful to you.

Paladin -> 100% shift to Guardian Falcon. & then Sonya… Thorne isn’t a great hero overall so not much point trying to make him better

Ranger -> Seshat is a great option. Buddy also awesome

Rogue -> Marjana is worthy of them. There are a lot of top teams that still have a Marjana Wing

Sorcerer -> A lot of people have highly emblemed Sabina & Skittles for this reason. I would do Sabina first then Skittles.

Wizard -> Definitly Kiril. Kashhrek is a meh hero after you get out of Low/Mid platinum…


First, thank you for your response.

Would Rigard +15 maybe make him worthy of slotting in defense teams and shifting people a bit?

Concerning Druid, I hardly use Caedmon so I am worried about putting emblems on him. My mono Green is Elkanenx2, Kadilen, Melendor, and Buddy. In deep war situations I would use Caedmon, otherwise those emblems may be wasted.

Paladin I have Thorne as my tank. Are you suggesting using Guardian Falcon as my tank? I agree he is awesome on the offense side especially mono Red.

Everything else I fully agree and appreciate the extra ideas.

Thorne isn’t going to be Long Term good if that makes sense?

I would be more inclined to Tank Vivica or Seshat personally & have Magni as your Blue on the Defence Team.

Caedmon is good but if YOU don’t use him then there isn’t much of an argument for embleming him :slight_smile:

Rigard Costume is awesome but not good enough to displace Seshat as your purple on defence.

In terms of Defence maybe try:
Kadilen -> Vivica -> Seshat -> Magni -> Marjana

Okay, makes sense. Unfortunately Magni is three telescopes from getting the final Ascension. I may go ahead and use embelms on Thorne (last out of my current defense team) while I wait for those scopes.

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If Magni is the first change to my team I am looking at Seshat - Magni - Vivica - Kadilen - Marjana. I think that keeps everyone in either their preferred position or very near it. Hopefully I get Vivica’s costume.

I was trying to resist using emblems on Caedmon and Sonya then after using my first five war attacks with mono color teams I looked at the remaining best five heroes I had and sure enough…

Looks like I will be using some emblems on Caedmon, Sonya, and a 2nd Kiril.

I need to hold back some iron for my builder, so this is the best I could do for now.

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I went 6 for 6 in the war! Took out a 4278 TP with that final team.

Is your costume maxed out? I ask because a maxed costume gives 5/5/10/5 atk/def/HP/mana bonus, and that’s a non-trivial amount. In my estimation the maxed costume bonus is almost equal to +9 talent, so unless you need an extra beefy Rigard, that frees up a lot of your cleric emblems to use elsewhere.

I have a costumed Rigard maxed and the numbers are:
Regular: 624-706-1282
Dapper: 633-702-1271

Now there’s someone in my alliance with a +9 Rigard, I’m not sure which paths they took but the numbers are: 642-709-1202.

Compared with my costumed boosted Rigard, it has +18 atk, +3 def, -80 HP, or basically slightly less sturdy for an extra 18 atk. In any case, like I said a maxed costume is roughly equal to +9 talent.

So if you don’t have your costume maxed, go do it now. If it’s already maxed AND you have +9 on top, might be worth re-evaluating if you really need that beefy of a Rigard.

He is maxed and +15 now.

I see what you are saying but right now my purple mono team is Seshat +7, max costume Rigard +15, Domitia 4/41, max costume Vanilla 4/70 Rigard, and Sabina 4/70. I could shift some of those emblems to Vivica and the 2nd Rigard, but I am happy for now.

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