Frida or Thorne

Hi everyone. I’m in a bit of a dilemma. I don’t know which one to level up further using the emblems.

I levelled up Frida to 7 but now I have fully levelled up Thorne i’m debating if I should change as Thorne has better damage caused.

Thank you and I appreciate everyone’s time reading this!


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In my honest opinion, it should be 100% Frida, even without seeing the rest of your heroes.


Frida is exceptionally useful for Titans, and alongside 2+ other blue heroes in a stack on Offense.

She doesn’t necessarily need Emblems to serve her role in applying the elemental defense debuff, but it’s really hard to argue that you’d be unhappy with the added sturdiness and attack that Emblems would give her, plus her Talent as a Paladin is very useful.

You could technically do more damage by hitting with an unemblemed Frida followed by an Emblemed Thorne, but I have a hard time recommending prioritizing him for Emblems. I just think you’ll get a lot more use out of Frida.


I have Frida at +7 talents, with no plans of going any further. In my case, I only have Thorne at 3-70, but I’ve been devoting Paladin emblems to Guardian Falcon instead of continuing to increase Frida.

To my way of thinking, going past +7 talents for a 5* is excessive in terms of emblem cost. I can do so much more with those emblems on a 4* when a couple more points would do very little to change my Raid Defense - which currently only dips below 2400 if I raid up into the Top 100.

By comparison, putting emblems onto a 4* (to +18 or so) or even another 5* up to +7 would give me more war depth, which is always helpful. :slight_smile:

For the basic question of Frida or Thorne, the answer should almost always be: FRIDA! :smiley:

I have my own decision coming up before too long… I have Thorne at 3-70 and Magni at 3-28. I have mats to ascend one of them. Common consensus seems to favor Magni as the better overall hero… but when I take out Frida+7, Grimm+18, and Thorne at 3-70… 10 blue tiles wipes three enemy heroes off the board. :wink: Though I have found sometimes Frida+Grimm kills the middle target, so my attack with Thorne has to go off to another target… and I wonder if perhaps Magni will be better and clearing more in that situation. I’ll test it more once he gets to 3-70.

Good gaming!


Frida is a more superior hero than Thorne. BUT if you use Thorne at tank OR in your defense he NEEDS emblems. Also Thornes damage fired after Frida will be wild.

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I’d think about giving Thorne his first node to give him the extra Paladin survivability, but keeping the emblems on Freda. Thorne hits hard, but his special isn’t anything but damage.


Nope. Don’t ever consider Thorne. Only after Frida is up should you consider Thorne.


Frida all the way. Thorne will be a torn unfortunately at your side.

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Ahahaha! Nope.

Only in the remote chance in a distant future costume portal gonna give us a friggin serial killer jedi costume for Thorne with PEW PEW lasers from his eyes you can think about it.

But i guess it’s not so likely to happen.


I’ve heard that Thorne will be killed dy Seshat and that this will bring the Scourge upon us.


The trio you described have some attack similarities Frida, Grimm and Thorne, all attack 3 targets, while Frida will administer same damage at the 3, the duo Grimm and Thorne do more to the center and minor to nearby., also all average mana so all things being equal they will charge the same time.
Throwing Magni in the mix would alter that synergy, due to Magni charging faster and attacking only 1 target.

So on the topic, I will go Frida. Elemental def down and elemental link saved my butt a number of times.

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lol I thought they might address him again with costumes but it seems as though they left him out. Or he’s still under development.


Thank you all so much for making my mind up!

I appreciate each and everyone of you for taking time out of your day to help!!

I wish you all the best and please take care!!


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Thorne or Aegir both 3-70 paired with Frida

This wont be a popular opinion… but if you do a blue stack a lot then id say thorne. I have my frida at +7 and she survives very well. Adding more durability wont make much difference nor will adding attack as she is not primarily adamage dealer. Embleming any blue heroes that will fire after frida, including thorne, to have mote attack will significantly increase the damage output of your special combos. If i didnt have richard i would have maxed and emblemed thorne

Thanks I was leaning towards him