Team-building Best Practice (1st post)

This is what my current lineup is. I hit Level 20 and I would like to know if I am on the right track with leveling up and making best use of my team so far. :slight_smile:

Seem to be on the right track. I would finish Boldtusk, Bane, Gunnar, Nashgar and just keep plugging away.


Congrats on reaching Lvl 20.

I agree with @voidstrike and would add there’s no need to feed mats to Olaf, as he’s now just food. Instead Valen is a better option to feed. If you are warring I would also suggest levelling up a few more healers such as Hawkmoon.

Your slow 3* like Kailani and Gunnar will be great in very fast 3* tournaments, although they shouldn’t be a priority.

GL :smile:


As I acquire more 4* & (hopefully) 5* Heroes, should I pause leveling the current lineup or finish the 3* before I move on? My strategy has been to immediately move the 4* into prime positions.

Finish your 3*. They will be pretty quick. 4* take longer, and 5* take MUCH longer. Having maxed 3* will give you a solid team as you then max 4* to replace them. Work on a solid core of 4* before tackling the 5* you get.

You also need 30 heroes for wars and maxed 3* will be part of that for many levels to come.


This is a trap so many people fall into…“let me leave my current projects and level my shiny new hero”
Keep on the path you’re on, when and finish projects (max them) before moving onto the next one (I see you drifting toward Danzaburo and not finishing Bane).

For the most part you won’t regret maxing a hero but you will regret half leveling a whole slew of heroes because you kept hopping from project to newer project.



First off, a quick question:
Did you have the second screenshot showing the other half of your roster?

My advice for newer players is to first build 3-star depth.

Until you have ascension materials, your 4* heroes will be capped at 3-60 where they are pretty similar to a maxed 3* hero.

So with that in mind I would recommend:
Reds - Finish BT to 2-50 then get to work on Nashgar, Hawkmoon & Jhangir
Blue - Gunnar is pretty solid for a defence team so finish him to 3-50 then get working on Valen (AWESOME 3*!)
Green - Berden would be my pick here. Finish him off then probably Carver. Friar Tuck has limited use as he is Heal 3 only… not a full team like Belith and Hawkmoon.
Yellow - Finish Bane. You’re pretty close so may as well finish him. Then get Danza to 2-50 as well then do Gan-Ju. Kailani is the same as gunnar so you probably don’t need both anytime soon.
Purple - Balthazar #2 first. Then probably Prisca & Renfeld.


These are my other ones.

Updated to reflect :slight_smile:

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NO you are not at all. Finish Bane he will be with you for quite a while. Finish Valen, Nashgar and Carver. Get emblems on them… Work on Boldtusk to 2/50.
Get at LEAST 3 rainbow 3 star teams first. Then start your 4 stars.


Hey @DrCasey It’s YCT from the clan

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Yes! Okay you’re the first from our team. :hugs: There are A LOT of great threads with tips for our group.

BAD from our alliance here!

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THIS!! Keep THIS in mind. When I began I’d be leveling a hero, get what I thought was a better hero so would stop and start leveling, soon I had a useless roster of partially leveled hero’s.

Pick 5 hero’s of each element. Stick with leveling them until they are completed. Even if you pull what you assume may be a better hero.

Disclaimer: If you are leveling Gobbler and pull Caedmon, depending on how far Gobbler is and you ascension material situation, you may seriously consider switching to Caedmon.

But for the most part work on 3-4 solid teams of rainbow 3*, then you can consider moving on to 4*. Whatever you do, do NOT immediately begin working on a 5*. You will waste time, materials, food that would give you 3 fully maxed 4*. So until you have several (I’d suggest 4-5 fully leveled teams of 4*) don’t start those 5*. They will patiently wait in your roster for their time.

Your 3&4* will help you gather the necessary AM’s to level the 5*. Plus the 4* are really the core of E&P, some are very strong and will be with you for a very long time, like Rigard, BoldTusk, Kiril, Proteus, Wilbur, etc

Good Luck on your quest for power!! May RNGesus smile upon you!!


Okay so there’s 3 of us now! I figure we can use the information here and pass it along to our other teammates. Also, we can recruit from here to replace some of the dead weight out of our alliance. :space_invader: @YCT @BAD

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@Rohn & @PapaHeavy is this better?

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Yeah great idea! Many people in the alliance don’t do anything. I am not sure if they are playing the game anymore.

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So can anyone help me with team building too?
I am on lvl 24 and I am not sure whom to level up first for the main team

A great start on Rainbow teams, although there are 3* heros that you keep and then there is 3* fast food. Some great info on the forum


That’s my team 4 and 5