Team Building Advice

I’ve been playing for about two months now, C2P, just casually but I’d like to put together a few decent teams for Raid (Silver ~900 cups) and just getting through Season 1 (stalled at Province 15 atm). I’ve been reading through the player guides and starting to learn more about team composition but could use some pointers. Initial guidance was to level 3*, which I have been doing and started a few 4* within the last two weeks. Have a few 5* but haven’t touched them yet.

Background: Just hit level 25, in a casual alliance, building towards my first TC20 but just hit SH17 so it’ll be awhile.

Here are my heroes and thanks for any help:

It seems like you have some good choices for team setup. I normally build mine around my healer(s). Always have a solid tank for your center, and finally fill the slots with snipers, debuffers and attackers.
Just looking at your roster I had a team that went as follows Right to Left Grim, Boldtusk, Boril, Sabina, Caedmon. With having 5 starts you can mix things up as well since those will be your endgame choices. Play around with team compositions and find something that feels good to you.

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Hi Jaka, I saw the you have some heroes that you have already evolved, my sugestion is to you complete this heroes, after this you start to evolve others.
Is better having an evolved 4 * team than many 5* more or less evolved.
The heroes of 3* are necessary to events or missions that limite the stars.
But i suppose that the better is you enter an alliance to evolve more easilly.
Other thing, carefully read your heroes’ special abilities, this manner you can arrange your teams better.
good game to you

Nice tips, each gamer have your manner to play.
Then, find your better configuration for the battles, that one that you feeling better.

Welcome to the forum, It’s best to focus on one hero at a time. Also yes 3* make 4* and 4* make 5*
I’d say it’s best to have at least 3 of each colour 3* so events complete rare and quests for mats and Raids you can at least stack. Also don’t feed anyone as trails you can least complete the first stage to get a few extra emblems in the long run.
I’d do this red boldtusk then baucahn
Kvasir lixiu
Balthazar rigard
Mnesseus ceadom
Gato sonya

@Jaka i wish you a long game ahead! :slight_smile:

as a generel advice,
since you are focused on raid atk, in my early days I would have gone 3-2 with two healers; now im a mono with 2 healers with best atk troops to best atk heroes

so, imo, for every color-team go like this: 1st 4* - a healer; 2nd 4* a sniper/fast; 3rd 4* a healer; after you should have a few .70 5*s or snipers from the same color to complete it

healers will be usefull always in this game; so you wont regret it

also i would avoid to emblem healers; imo the emblems are better used on atk heroes :slight_smile:

happy gaming!

If you want to beat the map stages, level up Boril. Riposte is a huge asset in storyline and quests and pretty much everything against non-player enemies.

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The best advice I got was to find a great alliance with knowledgeable players. There are many, check out the Alliance Recruitment section on the forum.

Btw, higher level titans are the best source of non-farmable AMs which you will eventually need - a casual alliance might not be the best option for a player wanting to grow their hero roster IMHO.

Perfect start! Devouring quality forum information, there’s heaps.

You’ve already got great advice on a possible defense team, although I would suggest rainbow levelling. Boldie, Rigard & Mel, Sonya is worth levelling and Wu makes a difference with titan damage. I still use him with 14* titans - yeah I don’t have Miki, or Tarlak - but that’s a different story.

Good luck :wink:

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In short term I’d try to focus on 1 hero per color:

Red: Boldtusk.
Green: Melendor, Kash.
Blue: Grimm 3.60, if can’t ascend finish Gato, then boril.
Yellow: Wukong
Purple: Rigard, Sabina, Merlin

Some 3* dupes could serve as food.

IMHO don’t worry about TC20 RN. You have enough herods to level. Keep the 3 tc working as fast as possible 1,2 or 11

Try to rush some atlantis stages, save loot tickets for thw evwnt.

Ask for advice to emblem